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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

A wasteful folly

Since the 90s, the world including Australia, has been trying to replace CO2 producing fossil fuels (coal) with renewables (sun and wind) for our energy supplies. We were told man made CO2 was causing global warming (climate change).

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change climate scientists and many celebrities (Gore, Flannery, Suzuki, Prince Charles, Bono, di Caprio) convinced governments and bureaucracies to develop policies outlawing coal and promoting renewables.

The policy has proved an economic and social disaster, indeed, a scandalous wasteful folly, irresponsibly foisted on the world, as evidenced by the following:

1. In 2010, Denmark stopped building wind farms, closed five turbine manufacturing plants and sacked 3000 workers.

2. In 2014 mandated renewables in Germany saw energy prices skyrocket causing 1.3 million consumers to be disconnected from the grid.

3. In the UK, thousands of low income families (18 per cent) remain in fuel poverty. In Bulgaria, it’s 39 per cent, in Greece, 29 per cent.

4. In the US, solar companies (Solyndra, Rangefuels, Solarhybrid, Beacon Power et cetera) have gone bankrupt. They all started up with huge government grants and loan guarantees.

5. Ivanpah solar thermal unit in California (cost $2.2 billion) has failed to deliver power promised and is facing closure.

6. Solar development in Spain caused loss of 2.2 real jobs for every green job created. Unemployment is 21 per cent and the solar debt is $126 billion.

7. Friday, January 19, SA’s $400 million back-up diesel grid proofing unit, produced absolutely nothing. 

Rolling blackouts on one of SA’s hottest days were allowed by minister Koutsantonis who said diesel generators were not needed.

Governments wasting vast amounts of money on financially absurd projects is always bad. If its net effect is to harm and impoverish the most vulnerable, it is unforgivable.

Our previous state government continued this unconscionable waste with its $650 million solar thermal unit at Port Augusta, more wind farms, big batteries (they don’t produce power, they only store it), fossil fuel burning diesel generators et cetera.

The renewables continue to be a scandalous wasteful folly forced on governments by a coterie of political activists whose policies have compromised economies world wide.

In SA, we should stop further renewables development now.


Port Lincoln

A vision splendid

Ever wonder about equality in this economic structured world today? Do we define rich people as winners and the poor as losers?

We are all born equal but we could be in a country ravaged by drought and famine or a country with a high standard of living.

The reality of our world is disturbing. Even in our own community, there are people who are struggling to cope.

Could it ever be possible for governments to come together and jointly fund a humanitarian organisation to help the disadvantaged with adequate housing, healthcare, food, water and education.

I am not referring to some charitable fund or disaster relief program but a permanent institution to improve the lives of the poor wherever they are.

A Utopian vision, a fantasy, an impossibility? No, the basic needs of all people could be taken care of if we could transcend greed and exclusiveness.

Should good children die every day of hunger and disease? Should the 60 most wealthy people have more than the 4 billion poorest? The governments of our rapidly evolving world have every asset required to change the living conditions of so many.


Port Lincoln