‘Awesome April’ is set to start early this year

Lower Eyre Peninsula’s answer to mad March, ‘Awesome April’, is back and there is so much to look forward to and fit in, it is starting early – in March.

Following the hugely successful inaugural Teakle Auto Sprint and Salt Festival in 2017 the organisers of both events have stepped things up with bigger and better things promised in 2018.

This year’s auto sprint will have more cars, more grandstands, big screens and a big finale concert Under the Figs to top off the two days of racing.

It was a bit of a surprise packet last year, especially for the many racegoers who had never been to anything like it before but people will know what to expect this year and after word spread, locally and further afield, about the success of the 2017 sprint, crowd numbers could well be up.

The sprint organisers must be exhausted after coordinating two events back-to-back and will no doubt be looking forward to a year off in 2019.

Salt Festival was pretty big last year – even bigger than the program suggested with more additions even after the start of the festival – but it is set to be bigger again in 2018, with a mammoth program being finalised this week.

There will be plenty of variety choose from featuring local and visiting talent (and good luck to anyone who tries to get to everything) but the highlights would have to include the shows by renowned jazz musician James Morrison and The Beautiful Girls.

And when it comes to April action it does not stop there.

With the painting of the town’s silos well underway, Tumby Bay is also gearing up for its own festival within a festival, the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival, which will be held in conjunction with Salt Festival from April 20.

As each feature artist is revealed, along with a taste of their previous work, it is becoming pretty obvious Tumby Bay is in for a colourful time and the community will be left with a legacy lasting long beyond this festival.

Whatever your recreational tastes, it looks like another event marathon coming up for locals and visitors to Lower Eyre Peninsula over the next month or so.

At least the early Easter weekend means there will be a couple of weeks recovery time in between this year’s events.

A lot of people will need it.