Tumby Bay mural a piece of local life

A photograph of two local boys jumping in the water to escape the heat has played a part in Tumby Bay’s new silo mural.

Argentinian artist Martin Ron has been painting the mural on the silos over the past almost three weeks with the help of Australian painter Matt Gorrick.

The mural, which Mr Ron said was about 70 per cent completed, shows two boys leaping in the air looking up to the sky.

Mr Ron said the initial idea came from coming to Tumby Bay and seeing people dive off the jetty into the ocean, joining in himself.

“You need to get a very impactful image to connect with people,” he said.

“We are jumping off the jetty and I can see a lot of people do the same...with this image I connect with all the people.”

Mr Ron said when he was looking for information about jetty jumping, he came across an image that would form the basis of the silo mural.

The image was taken by local photographer Robert Lang in January 2014 of local boys Eli Carmody and Morris Webb jumping off the Tumby Bay jetty.

Mr Lang said he had a sense of disbelief when he learned his photo would be used for the mural.

“I’m quite honoured to be honest,” he said.

Mr Lang said the image was captured during a heatwave as the two boys dived in to escape the heat.

Colour Tumby silo mural project leader Dion Lebrun said the mural was not a copy of the photo as Mr Ron worked with it to create something different and unique.

“When he beamed it up on projection night Martin moved the image around to get everything to fit,” he said.

“Martin tried all the history stuff but it was not unique, Martin wanted to do something unique.”

Mr Ron said he distorted the image to make it suit the curves and shape of the Tumby Bay silos.

He said he aimed to make sure local people played a role in his artwork.

“It’s important for me that local people play a role, in the concept and in participation,” he said.

“The mural tells a story for visitors about the local people.”

Mr Ron said he had about one more week of work to do before the mural was completed, ready for its official opening on April 19.

However Mr Ron and Mr Gorrick will not be around for the opening as Mr Ron has a major project to work on – painting a mural on a 15-storey building in Moscow ahead of the 2018 World Cup.

Mr Ron said the contrast between travelling to varied international locations, whether it was Tumby Bay or Moscow, was something he enjoyed.

“I come from Buenos Aires, a big city in South America, my lifestyle is travelling with contrasts, I love the contrasts,” he said.

Mr Lang said one thing he would like to do was gather as many people from Tumby Bay or Eyre Peninsula as possible in front of the mural when completed for a photo.

A viewing and car park area for the mural is located on Bratten Road. 

For safety reasons, Colour Tumby reminds drivers to use the viewing area and avoid suddenly stopping or pulling over to view it.