Letters to the editor

LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Sounds like a plan

With the plethora of grants available in recent weeks, has anybody considered the value of a sound shell on the foreshore?

With a dais already in place, the addition or expansion to a sound shell would be of enormous benefit to the community eg Tunarama, Carols by Candlelight, other charity functions.

A once-off planning consolidation by all concerned, including the city council, would provide an under-cover stage/venue to suit a host of functions.

How can it happen and who would like to kick it off?


Port Lincoln

Local student success

A great achievement and contribution by Port Lincoln High School students and staff was covered well on page 2 of Tuesday’s Port Lincoln Times.  

Readers will enjoy knowing that this is the only group of its kind in Australia providing a community service through its access to and skills in mobile outside broadcast television technology, which is a significant achievement for Port Lincoln High School, and particularly the adult leaders Stephen Campbell and Quinn Dutschke.

This caravan can be transported to any activity, manned by students and set up with upwards of four cameras and has been used successfully at the footy and other sport, car racing, theatrical performances and conferences.  

It is stored set up as a working studio at the Community Learning Centre where it is equipped with a green screen for special effects creation.  

It is ideal for movie making, music video clips, recording live events and other productions.

I would encourage people to contact the Community Learning Centre on 8682 1409 if you feel this technology could be helpful to you, your community or sporting group or your business.


Port Lincoln

South Para anniversary celebrations

On behalf of the South Para Anniversary Committee, I’d like to inform readers of the planned 60th anniversary celebrations of the official opening of the reservoir on October 13 and 14, 2018. 

Saturday’s activities begin at 11am with the launch of the book Twenty Houses – an anecdotal history of the building of the South Para Reservoir 1948-1958.

This book relates first hand experiences of former workers and their families who had lived out at the construction site during the period 1948-1958.

The book launch will be held in the Senior Citizens/Williamstown RSL Hall and will be followed by a public barbecue in the car park opposite the post office. 

The weekend activities will also include tours of the original sites of the Twenty Houses, Seven Houses and Single Men’s Quarters, look-out area of the spillway, dam wall and outlet tower.

Sunday’s activities will begin at 11am with a morning tea at the hall where visitors can view the photographic display and purchase a book.

If you, or your group, wish to attend please email me at: youngandjohnson@bigpond.com or ring me on 8522 4268 – ideally before the end of August.

This event will celebrate a significant period in the social and cultural growth of working-life history in South Australia. 

We hope to hear from all interested parties from the general public and community groups through to historical societies.

If you are seeing this for the first time and you happen to be a former South Para resident or a descendant of one, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


On behalf of the South Para Anniversary Committee