Turner bound for Osaka, Japan

Daniel Turner after racing Adelaide to Port Lincoln.
Daniel Turner after racing Adelaide to Port Lincoln.

Former Port Lincoln resident Daniel Turner is sailing his yacht ‘Runaway’ in the 2018 Melbourne to Osaka  Double Handed Yacht Race with skills learnt in Port Lincoln.

Turner has been at sea since March 26 and is expecting to arrive in Osaka on April 30.

According to the boat tracker on the race website, Runaway was between the southern end of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands on Wednesday.

Speaking before the race, Turner said he had always wanted to compete in the Melbourne to Osaka race – Australia’s largest blue water yacht race spanning 5500 nautical miles – since he started sailing 20 years ago at the age of five.

Turner purchased the boat about 20 months ago, and gutted the Sayer 11, which he rebuilt to get ready for the race. 

The route passes through multiple weather systems and seasons as it crosses the Pacific Ocean – autumn in Melbourne, summer at the equator and spring in Osaka.

Turner is sailing with Tom Crabb, who has competed in many offshore events including Australian and Japanese races, and the pair have fast become friends.

Turner has previously competed in the Sydney to Hobart and the Lincoln to Adelaide yacht races and in 2014 he competed in the 256-kilometre Marathon Des Sables, a seven-day footrace through the Saharan Desert.