Legal dead weeds a fire hazard

A local property owner has raised concerns about the fire risk caused by dead weeds left along the Coffin Bay Oyster Walk for months after being removed by another resident earlier this year.

Neville Starke said the dead weeds were a fire hazard and he thought the people who pulled them out should have removed them from the walk.

Mr Starke said he would have removed the dead weeds himself, however was unsure about the laws surrounding native vegetation so he wrote to the Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council to find out who would clean them up.

“If I’m caught going there doing that, I’m buggered,” Mr Starke said.

Council chief executive officer Rodney Pearson said members of the public were allowed to pull out or kill the weed, believed to be polygala myrtifolia, and leave it in the scrub. 

However, he said it would be better for people to contact the council directly so it could clean up the weeds.

“Council would encourage people to contact council if they are aware of pest weeds...council will then approve or undertake the removal,” Mr Pearson said.

He said the council was responsible for removing weeds along the trail and would remove them if notified by the public.

Mr Pearson said neither the council nor the public could remove dead or fallen timber, as it was against native vegetation management laws.