State going Grey

THE federal electorate of Grey is about to get even bigger thanks to a proposal by the Redistribution Committee for South Australia to include more than 17,000 voters from Clare and Gilbert Valley, Adelaide Plains and parts of Light and Wakefield Council areas in the electorate. 

The committee released its report and proposals for redistribution on Friday last week, proposing significant changes to the boundaries of all South Australian divisions.

Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey said the South Australian redistribution was required to facilitate a drop from 11 to 10 federal electoral divisions due to the state’s declining percentage of the national population.

The seat will stretch from Two Wells and the Northern Expressway to the Western Australian, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales borders.

He said in addition to covering agriculture, aquaculture, heavy industrial, mining and the fishing industry, Grey would include some of the state’s premier wine growing and horticulture country.

“It was a bit of an eyebrow raiser to find ourselves in Two Wells,” he said. 

“The inclusion of the area around Two Wells and its associated horticulture industry will certainly present a new and exciting challenge… and perhaps the same result could have been achieved by the inclusion of a greater part of the Light District Council.”

Mr Ramsey said the proposal was “broadly in line” with his submission to the redistribution committee.

He said while the growing electorate made the seat more challenging he was looking forward to visiting the new areas in coming months to ensure he was well prepared for their inclusion in July.

Mr Ramsey said there would be no changes to his office locations and he would do the best he could to see as many communities as he could in the coming weeks.

“I will be going as hard as I can all the time,” he said. 

“There will be slightly less of me to go around and it will be a fair test but it’s a privilege to serve an electorate with such enormous scope and diversity,” he said.

Written objections to the proposed electorate changes are now open and need to be lodged by Friday, May 11.

For more information on the changes or how to submit an objection visit