Lower Eyre fire danger season extended

Dry conditions has led to Lower Eyre Peninsula’s fire danger season being extended by three weeks.

The CFS has announced that due to the extended dry spell the Lower Eyre Peninsula’s fire danger season has been extended until May 6.

Meanwhile West Coast and Eastern Eyre Peninsula will end their seasons as planned at midnight on Sunday.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast windy conditions across the weekend, with patchy rain expected.

Port Lincoln and Cummins are expected to see a high chance of showers on Saturday and Sunday.

CFS state duty commander Leigh Miller said the risk of bushfires was not over until the state saw substantial rainfall to encourage green grass growth and increase fuel moisture in bushland areas.

"We would require rainfall of more than 70mm, combined with milder autumn conditions, before we are likely to see a reduction in risk," he said.

Mr Miller said people in areas where the fire danger seasons had finished should commence burn offs with care.