Local designers join the fashion revolution at SALT

Two local designers presenting a sustainable fashion showcase as part of SALT Festival have also aligned with a worldwide ethical and sustainable event, Fashion Revolution Week.

For Raffael Veldhuyzen and her label Knots for Darling, and Sue Catt with her label Colors Australia, their ‘Sustainable Style Showcase’ on April 23 is the perfect opportunity to share their love of clothing and textiles with their passion for environmental sustainability.

Fashion Revolution Week started in 2014, as a platform to make change to the global fashion industry following the death of more than 1100 garment workers in a factory disaster in Bangladesh in 2013.

Beginning as a hashtag #whomademyclothes to share the faces and stories of garment workers with the world, Fashion Revolution Week has become a movement to celebrate companies who have ethical practices along all of their supply chain, and more recently a focus on sustainability has also been celebrated.

Ms Veldhuyzen and Ms Catt run their boutique labels as solo ventures, make all of the pieces from their respective home studios and stand up to the Fashion Revolution challenge of working towards a “fairer, safer, cleaner fashion industry”.

Both designers use vintage and upcycled fabrics, for their inherent beauty and also to keep them out of landfill.

Organic cotton and sustainable fabrics such as hemp and bamboo are also favourites of both designers.

“I believe we all have a responsibility to think a little more deeply about where our products are coming from,” Ms Veldhuyzen said.

“I love clothes, I love fashion, I love the way you can tell a story with the clothes you wear.

“However that story shouldn’t be at the cost of the planet or another person’s human rights.”

See the latest Knots for Darling and Colors Australia collections at the Sustainable Style Showcase on Monday, April 23 from 4pm to 6.30pm at Soundcity on Tasman Terrace. Head to the SALT Festival website to RSVP.