Doco explores culture

Film crew documenting the life of hip-hop jazz MC Crystal ‘Lady Lash’ Clyne visited the West Coast region last week to shoot for an upcoming release.

The documentary will tell Lady Lash’s story in the music business and heritage in the Kokatha region.

The Melbourne-based artist said it would touch on all facets of her life.

“This will open the door to my journey, my connection to Country, coming back as a Kokatha woman with Greek heritage,” she said.

“There is a thread of healing, family and traditional women’s business, going to Country, sitting with Elders and revitalising the culture to pass to the next generation.”

Shooting for the documentary took place in the Kokatha region and in her hometown of Melbourne.

Ms Clyne said it was an important project for her.

“It is very important to show how rich our culture is, that it is still alive and how we have to keep it alive.

“This is our story and we need to share it with the world.

“It is also about my story as a hip-hop jazz artist in a male-dominated industry and it is important to share the complexities of being a mother in the music industry and navigating my way through.”

Director Rochelle Humphrey said the documentary would be a look at how Ms Clyne’s story “has made her who she is” and her connection to the Kokatha region.

The four-person crew, including Ms Clyne, was led by Rochelle Humphrey of Genetic Circus Productions.

She said women played a huge part in the creation of the documentary.

“This is a women-driven project, all the key creatives are women,” she said.

“It is a small crew but we have very skilled people working on the project and the aim is for quality.”

She acknowledged the importance of community funding and said the aim was to have the documentary released by the end of the year.

“We completed a successful crowdfunder (campaign) and had 72 supporters who contributed to cover for costs to get out here, and it is a testament to how much people want to hear the story,” she said.

“We hope to be in post-production in July or August and want it to be finished by November, to come out in November or December.”

This story Doco explores culture first appeared on West Coast Sentinel.