Tumby Bay shows thanks for mural

Tumby Bay has celebrated the completion of its silo mural, with one business already noticing an increase in visitors during the project.

Artist Martin Ron finished the mural on Thursday after more than 400 hours of work and 420 litres of paint.

Mr Ron, who worked with Australian painter Matt Gorrick throughout the project, said the 2200-square metre mural was the biggest one he had ever done.

“In little towns like this, art fills up empty spaces,” he said.

The mural project aimed to encourage more visitors to turn off the highway into Tumby Bay.

Tumby Bay Bakery owner Debbie White said the business had noticed an influx of visitors early in the project, which continued as it progressed.

“The last two weeks have been very busy, we’ve noticed a lot of caravans,” she said.


“We’re guessing…but we’re looking out and there seems (to be) a lot of positive hype to what’s going on.”

Bakery manager Gayle Phillips said she had noticed a lot of travellers coming off the highway to look at the mural, with many stopping by the bakery.

Mr Ron met with a group of about 50 people who helped contribute to the project to thank them for bringing him to Tumby Bay.

Betty Stephens was a part of a group of elderly residents who also went out to view the mural and said it was amazing to see what had been painted.

“I don’t know how he did it so fast,” she said.

Mr Ron said the people of Tumby Bay had warmly welcomed him during his one-month stay and were always taking him things like food and drinks.

“I’ve been very welcome, they’re like a big family,” he said.

Mr Ron left Tumby Bay on Friday for Adelaide and then Moscow where he will paint his next project, a mural on a 15-storey building in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

Silo mural project leader Dion Lebrun said it was good to be able to take time on Thursday to view the mural and enjoy what had been created.

“To have seen it from the initial concept in Martin’s head to the finish, it’s been a privilege,” he said.

An official launch for the silo mural will be held on Thursday, which will lead into the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival that will run from April 20 to 22.