Big squid caught at Louth

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Last week we mentioned a 62cm whiting caught outside Coffin Bay. Here is the proof with Will Laundy holding up the monster.

Kobi and Aiden Miller were stoked to get onto plenty of tuna out wide of Coffin Bay.

Now for what was biting and where.

Coffin Bay

Whiting fishing inside Coffin Bay and Dutton Bay was good with anglers getting 35cm average fish both off the rocks and on the water in the boat.

A few flathead around 40 to 55cm fell to baits and soft plastics as well.

Offshore nannygai and snapper have been found along with tuna out from Point Whidbey.

Port Lincoln

Big squid and a few whiting were caught by boaties trying grounds around Louth Bay to Point Bolingbroke.

Small to medium squid have been reported in the Proper, North Shore and Boston Island.

Whiting up to 45cm came from Taylor’s Landing, Thistle Island (with extra-large snook), Spalding Cove, Proper Bay and the North Shore.

The main wharf had tommies, salmon trout, squid and the odd whiting.

The same from the town jetty along with gar, snook, blue crabs and a few yellowfin.

Blue crabs were still being caught in Proper, Boston and Porter Bays.

Offshore at the Cabbage Patch lots of tuna around 10 to 15kg were about.

Flicking lures from the shore are picking up the occasional flathead in the national park, North Shore and beaches up to Tumby.

Port Neill/Arno Bay

Some yellowfin and mullet are off the beach.

Whiting, snook and squid are in closer for boaties while snapper to  eight kilos were out wide.

Rugger snapper were on the inshore reefs.

Tumby Bay

The Group has been quiet for Whiting but big snook, gar and squid made for a mixed bag.


Blue crabs and yellowfin were caught in Franklin Harbour and Lucky Bay.

Port Lincoln Anglers Club

Sixteen members and two visitors attended the outing to the Ledge, Dutton East and Coffin Bay areas on Sunday April 15.

The overall winner on the day was Heather Hampel.

Division winners

Veterans: 1st Michael Brown with 2 species +5 fish for 125 points; 2nd: Leon Paterson with 2 species +1 fish for 105 points

Men: 1st Brad Bockman with 3 species +1 fish for 155 points; 2nd: Nathan Paterson with 3 species for 150 points

Ladies: 1st: Heather Hampel with 4 species + 3 fish for 215 points; 2nd: Annette Brasington with 3 species +6 fish for 180 points

Juniors: 1st: Riley Peters with 3 species +1 fish for 155 points

Heaviest fish of the day was a 790g flathead caught by Wayne Bockman.

Notable capture was a 710g mullet caught by Heather Hampel – this will equal the club record.

Tim Doyle also caught a flounder.

The Port Lincoln Anglers Club’s next outing will be on Sunday, May 6 to the Tumby Bay area.