Evans made a life member

It was another packed house for the Port Lincoln Camera Club’s meeting, which was nice to see as it was the club’s annual general meeting.

Members must have been tipped off that all executive positions had been filled.

The executive and general committee members for this year are president Hamish Robertson, vice president Steve Sykes, treasurer Judy Glendenning, secretary Trish Lisiak, and committee members Ruth Evans, Pam Hewstone, Colin Gill, Karen Miels and Jan Hetherington.

After the meeting the club held its annual trophy presentation.

Prior to the presentation Ruth Evans was awarded life membership for her tireless work behind the scenes for the Port Lincoln Camera Club.

She was a very worthy recipient.

To briefly explain the voting system, each month the club sends photos to Adelaide to be judged by nominated country judges.

There is also a popular vote judged by the club’s members.

In the open category the judges’ vote went to Lesley Scarman and the popular vote also went to Lesley Scarman.

In the set subject the judges’ vote went to Fran Solly, who also won the popular vote.

In the special subjects category, the judges’ vote went to Fran Solly (March), Fran Solly (June), Barry Hockaday (September) and Di Laube (December).

The special subject popular vote was won by Fran Solly (March), Julie Lovegrove (June), Barry Hockaday (September) and Karen Miels and Di Laube (December).

Lesley Scarman was named Club Champion and Barry Hockaday was awarded the Image of the Year title.

Peg McAveney was recognised as the club’s most improved photographer.

Club members then went on to watch the PowerPoint presentation and results of the February competition.

Following the results Fran Solly asked the winners to talk about their photograph, the settings they used, the time of day, lens used etcetera and the thought behind the photograph.

Club members then adjourned for a well-earned supper break and general chat.

Fran Solly then conducted a question and answer session and many members asked various questions in regards to photography issues.

As usual members stayed around after the formal part of the meeting to chat and organise outings.

The club’s next meeting is April 23 at 7pm at the Senior Citizens Hall.

Club details can be found at www.portlincolncameraclub.org.au.