SA Governor launches Modra book

Inspirational South Australian Paralympic champion Kieran Modra was honoured at the launch his life story Kieran Modra: The Way I See It written by his uncle, Andy Thurlow.

At the launch, Mr Thurlow shared a new word for Kieran – ‘unretiring’.

After each of his eight Paralympic Games, spanning 28 years and many medals in a variety of sports, he retired, then ‘unretired’.

Being such an excellent and successful athlete, the Australian Paralympic Committee invited Modra and wife Kerry to a lavish lunch, where they successfully tempted him back on to a bike saddle by telling him about the tourist delights on offer at the next Paralympic Games venue.

The book was officially launched by South Australian Governor Hieu Van Le AC.

His Excellency’s own life story is also inspirational and like Modra, exemplifies resilience and a genuine desire to care for others.

His Excellency’s speech was typically warm and sincere.

Former Australian Paralympic Committee president and a long-serving enthusiast of the Paralympics David Baker then interviewed Modra.

Mr Thurlow said he set out to write Modra’s stories because they were entertaining but more importantly they were meaningful and inspirational.

Modra’s mantra is: ‘You don’t know what you can’t do… until you try it.’

So many people who have read the book have found it difficult to put down.

The book is available online at