SALT Festival steps it up a level for 2018

This Friday marks the beginning of the 2018 SALT Festival and while it is only the festival’s second year it is already making a big impact in the community.

The emerging festival is a great showcase of renowned professionals in their field – local and visitors to the region – from acclaimed jazz musician James Morrison to award-winning local writer Dianne Hester.

However many of the people performing, exhibiting or contributing in some way to this year’s festival have another day job and the festival is an opportunity to highlight a hidden talent.

For example, Josh Harris has not been in town long but most people know him as the chef behind the new Line and Label restaurant. However cooking up great local produce is only one of his talents. He is also a mural artist and his work will be popping up at the Salt Shaker during the festival. And he is not alone.

Carpenter by day and photographer after hours Matt Dodd will be exhibiting his year-long body of work while the face of Boston Bay Wines Tony Ford is fulfilling his long-term comedic ambitions and the list goes on.

The festival also provides opportunities for people to discover their hidden talents with plenty of workshops to inspire and encourage people to try something new or hone their hobby.

Committee member Mark Thomas (pictured with Georgina Shirley) was right when he said it was ramping up a few levels from last year.

Apart from the increase in events in the program the scale of events of on offer seems to have increased as well with the ambitious dinner on the jetty sure to be a highlight.

There will be plenty of fun to be had but on a more serious note the festival will also address the region’s energy issues at the ‘In the Zone’ energy futures summit on Tuesday.

It will be particularly interesting to hear from Hydrogen Utility chief executive officer Attilio Pigneri following the announcement of the $117.5-million green hydrogen-facility to be established near Port Lincoln.

Since the initial announcement there has been little information forthcoming about the details of the project so this will be an important opportunity for anyone who is interested to find out more about this technology and what it might mean for our region.