Cheetah the Cheater book launch | GALLERY

Port Lincoln dentist Jarrad Elson unveiled his children’s book ‘Cheetah the Cheater’ at the Nautilus Arts Centre on April 13.

About 50 people attended the launch which was done up in a jungle theme to suit the story’s setting.

Dr Elson gave a reading of the story for the younger members of the audience, with nibbles and face painting also provided.

The book, which tells of a cheetah who wins at everything through cheating and his friends’ efforts to teach him a lesson, was written by Dr Elson with illustrations done by Russian based illustrator Erika Tcogoeva.

Dr Elson said he had started his book after he saw former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd became a published author by writing a children’s book, but found the task to be harder than he thought.

Many people got to take home signed copies of the book on the night.