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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Path a great asset for Tumby Bay community

Tumby Bay now has a great new coastal path.

It runs from the Lions Park to the caravan park.

The path is there thanks to a Residents Win grant.

Embedded in the path from start to finish are 10 mosaics depicting: Sea - leafy sea dragon, King George whiting, Port Jackson shark, sea sponges, biscuit sea star, rough rock crabs and, last but not least, the tiny pyjama striped squid; air - pied oyster catcher and the hooded red plover; and land - sleepy lizard.

These mosaics are a work of art and were overseen by artist Karen Carr with the help of many locals.

I believe it is being called ‘Leafy to Sleepy’.

What I do think is great is how locals and visitors have taken to it.

Elderly walkers who like to stroll now find they can feel safe.

There are no bumps or uneven surfaces.

I have one friend who likes to walk but has joint trouble, who will now drive to the path, walk her walk, Leafy to Sleepy and back, then drive home.

It is shared with cyclists, who on the whole are very aware of the pedestrians and share it with them but we do seem to have one speeder who is treating it as a national highway. (There’s always one).

Perhaps he might consider a lot of elderly people have hearing problems and don’t hear approaching traffic.

It is a lovely project and I know many locals and visitors really appreciate this addition to our great little town.

It adds a whole new dimension to our morning or daily walk or stroll, depending on how flexible we are on that particular morning.

It is also wheelchair access friendly.


Tumby Bay

Actively improve mental fitness

Research led by the Black Dog Institute has revealed that even a small amount of physical activity – as little as one hour each week – can protect against depression, regardless of age, gender or current fitness level.

Depression is a serious public health issue with around one million Australians currently diagnosed.

We also know that up to 20 percent of the Australian population doesn’t undertake any regular physical activity, which may significantly increase their risk of developing depression in their lifetime.

The Black Dog Institute’s Exercise Your Mood campaign (April 30 to May 6, 2018) aims to change these statistics by encouraging everyday Australians to improve their mental fitness by taking on at least one hour of exercise each week. 

Though it can be hard to take the first step, one hour is a very achievable goal and something we’d like to encourage your readers to build into their weekly routine.

If they are already on track, keep up the good work!

Your mental health will thank you for it.


Black Dog Institute director

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