Kenny boys star

Cowell 6-10 (67) lost to Eastern Ranges 23-13 (151)

Anzac Day is always a great day for football and this year was no different.

The weather was perfect and the Cowell oval is in great condition even  with the lack of rain.

Both junior grades were of good quality but the Ranges lads were just a bit more skillful, faster and had bigger lads all over the ground.

The reserves was a cracking game to watch with good skills on show all game and Cowell were able to get over the line in a close game.

As with all Anzac Day games a minute’s silence was acknowledged for the fallen and the clubs thank John Perry and Max Grund who represented the Cowell RSL.

Both sides have had a lot of personnel changes over the summer and the one question before the A grade started was could Ranges fit the two Kenny boys, Bruce and Storic into the one side and would they complement each other or would they get in each other’s way?

Unfortunately for the other three sides the answer was, yes, they will complement each other.

Cowell on the other hand lost Burton and Sims before the game and Nick DeJonge only lasted five minutes, which totally changed their whole structure.

The game itself opened up at a very fast pace.

Early on spectators could see Ranges were gaining ascendancy out of the middle but Cowell were able to repel a lot of the inside 50s through a very disciplined back line led by Nick Gale.

Ranges were first on the board then Cowell replied quickly but Ranges were able to get the last three goals through Jack Kenny and lead by that margin at quarter time.

In the second quarter Schumann went onto Jack Kenny and for a time he was able to keep him a little quieter.

In that time Cowell were able to get a few on the board led by Walsh. It was quickly six goals to four and Cowell were peppering the forward line but could not reduce the margin.

Then Jack Kenny along with Jess Kenny and Bruce broke the game open with four quick goals. Ranges led by five goals at half time and were getting on top.

The last half saw Ranges completely dominate the centre square and run away with a 14-goal win but the final score certainly did not reflect the contest.

The two Kenny boys are able to keep running all day, Bruce started to really show his ability and Storic showed why Ranges recruited him.

With Kwaterski and young McCallum showing plenty of speed, Ranges are certainly going to be the measuring stick of the competition this year.

The skill the two Kenny boys show on both sides of their body, their accuracy by either hand or foot on both sides and their kicking for goal is what the other sides are going to have to replicate.

Ten goals between them left only one question and that was who was going to win the Anzac Medal.

It was awarded to Jack and deservedly so.

All is not lost for Cowell though and with a few players to come back during the year they will certainly improve.

Cowell will host Kimba on Saturday, while Eastern Ranges will return home to Rudall to host Ports, before Kimba hosts the Ranges for a twilight match on May 12 while Ports will host Cowell for a day game.

This story Kenny boys star first appeared on Eyre Peninsula Tribune.