Eastern Ranges win double at Wangary Carnival

The Wangary Under 14 Carnival saw perfect weather for teams to battle for the Joan Morgan Shield and Charlton Cup.


The carnival saw eight netball teams working their hardest to bring home the Charlton Cup. The day consisted of seven rounds of 2 x 10 minute quarters.

By the end of the rounds two teams sat on equal points, separated by percentage, Eastern Ranges 65.1% and Wayback 62.9%. Wanilla Rangers and St Mary’s were separated by one point.

The first final saw Eastern Ranges against St Marys with Eastern Ranges earning a win and in the second final the Wanilla Rangers side, coached successfully by Joelle Hentschke, defeated Wayback to go to the final.

The first half of the final game was highly contested. The Eastern Ranges defence worked hard, made turnovers count and had them converted by their goalies Claira Weiss and Nicole Simes. Eastern Ranges led by four goals at half time.

The second half was spent with the ball being defended again by both sides, however the accuracy of Wanilla’s goalies kept them down to two goals in the final half.

Excellent defence from Sharnee Roberts and Tessa Dunn saw them pick up rebounds and getting it straight down the court. The defence of Tahlia Scholz and Sienna Eldridge was tiring and Eastern Ranges managed another nine goals in the final half.

The final siren saw the scores 18-7. The Eastern Ranges girls worked hard all day and certainly earnt their medals!

Best players were: Tahlia Scholz (Wanilla Rangers), Sharnee Roberts (Eastern Ranges), Taya Foster (St Mary’s), Jasmine Trezise (Tumby Bay), Lacey Murnane (United Yeelanna), Shenice Wells (Wayback), Sophie Gill (West Coast Hawks 1) and Hannah Chynoweth (West Coast Hawks 2).

Huge thanks have gone to the two West Coast Hawks teams who made their way down to participate in what may have been their first Wangary Carnival with the hope of seeing them again next year.


Seven teams took part including the local SAPSASA team. All played well and the format was structured in a round robin programme with 11 tough games played.

Marble Range 6-0 (36) def Tasman 0-0 (0)

Conditions where ideal to start the day off, with no wind and oval in immaculate condition. The first match started with Marble Range having a convincing win against Tasmans.

Tasmans had a few lads from Great Flinders and Mid West leagues, so it took them awhile to gel, while Rangers were more efficient when having possession of the ball, and converted well.  

Lincoln South 7-6 (48) def Boston 0-0 (0)

Souths dominant early in first half, had majority of the play. The South lads continued to dominate in second half piling the goals on, they were far too good.

Eastern Ranges 1-5 (11) def Wayback 1-0 (6)

Tightly contested game early, with the pace going up a notch. Eastern Ranges had plenty of the play but were unable to convert a lot of their forward thrusts. 

Second half saw Eastern Ranges hang onto a narrow victory. They had few shots on goal but could not convert but it was enough earn them a victory. 

SAPSASA 3-3 (21) def Marble Range 0-0 (0)

SAPSASA had the first run for the day and game out firing. They initially looked too quick for the Rangers lads. Put on two early goals to have a lead at half time.

SAPSASA ended up having a comfortable win, they were simply too good for the locals, very impressive start.

Lincoln South 5-5 (35) def Tasman 0-1 (1)

Lincoln souths confidence was up after a good win first up. They hit the ground running opening up a handy lead in the first half. In second half Tasmans dug in and their effort was outstanding. They managed to score a point to Lincoln South 1-1.

Eastern Ranges 13.8 (86) def Boston 1-0 (6)

Eastern Ranges kicked first goal in first minute of play, and absolutely dominated the first half. They had the running game going well and skills were polished up from the first game, very dominant until half time. 

Eastern Ranges were simply too good, and sent out a clear warning to the other teams that they were the real deal. 

SAPSASA 1-4 (10) def Wayback 0-2 (2)

This game started at a cracking pace, these teams were ferocious at the ball in the first half. Wayback had a small lead at half time, but SAPSASA boys were definitely in the game. 

The intensity did not drop off in the second half. The SAPSASA team were getting more of the ball and pushed forward numerous times.

They eventually converted a major mid way through the last half, and it was game on. They extended their lead and held on to chalk up a well deserved win. 

Marble Range 3-0 (18) drew Boston 3-0 (18)

Boston started this match with a goal within the first few minutes, to apply some early pressure. Rangers responded well, and pushed the ball forward to end up with three majors for the first half. 

The second half saw a fight back by the Tigers. They had majority of the play and scored two goals to make it locked away at three goals.

Boston did all the attacking but Rangers held them off to end up with a draw. 

Eastern Ranges 9.2 (56) def Tasman 0-0 (0)

Eastern Ranges started well again, with some quick precise footy, to end up with five goals for the first half. Tasmans were applying pressure but just out classed.  The trend of the first half continued with Ranges running out easy winners. 

Wayback 2-2 (14) def Lincoln South 0-2 (2)

Wayback came out on a mission, their hardness at the ball had lifted and it was game on. Half time saw Wayback slightly in front, but it was anyone’s game.

Second half a tough game of footy with bodies going in hard and lots of packs formed. Wayback managed to get the ball into their forward line and convert a major, eventually winning by two goals.

SAPSASA 5-5 (35) def Marble Range 0-0 (0)

SAPSASA had been playing great all day and their start to this match was no exception. Rangers applied pressure but the class of SAPSASA shone through.

SAPSASA ended up with a comfortable win, a fantastic effort by the as most of them were a year younger than their opposition.

GRAND FINAL –  Eastern Ranges 6.3 (39) def  Lincoln South 0-0 (0)

The opening minutes saw a lot of ball in Eastern Ranges’ half but Souths defended well. Ranges broke through to score their first goal. Souths had a few thrusts forward but could not convert, and Ranges kicked a few quick ones to have a handy half time lead.

The crowd were expecting a fight back from Souths, but it never really came. Ranges were too skilfull and kept surging to win comfortably. Their coach Troy Grosser would have been proud of their efforts.

Best Players for the carnival: Jack Grosser (Eastern Ranges), Tom Morgan (Marble Range), Olly Sellen (Boston), Jacob Newton (Tasman), Nick Cave (SAPSASA), Beau Baldwin (Wayback), Dylan Evans (Lincoln South) and Phoenix Foster (Player of Carnival).

Thanks have gone all who travelled and those who worked throughout the day and days leading up to the carnival either as a volunteer, coach, umpire, player or supporter, the carnival would not happen without your support.