Solid win for Wanilla

Port Lincoln netball

Wanilla def St Mary’s 45-27

THIS week saw Wanilla take on St Mary’s.

Coming off a good win last week and missing their captain Caitlin Wellfare due to injury, Wanilla went into the game confident of victory if they could play a strong team game.

Wanilla started the game well through their defence and the mid court with Griffin, Gutsche and Freeman putting St Mary’s under immense pressure.

St Mary’s found it hard to get the ball deep into the attack line.

With Wanilla playing a fast pace game and with accurate shooting from Bryant they lead at the end of the first quarter 14 to 7.

St Mary’s started the second quarter well and with accurate shooting from Flavel, strong rebounds and second chance shots from Cash, stopped Wanilla from extending their lead by much during the quarter. 

Wanilla played with less intensity and made silly errors creating turnovers for St Mary’s defence and Wanilla made many unforced errors.

St Mary’s had a chance to peg back the score however Wanilla managed to hold on and won this quarter by one goal.

Going into half time the score was Wanilla 23 to St Mary’s 15.

With a comfortable lead Wanilla made quite a few changes to see a few different combinations and hoping to get a bit more drive down the court.

Griffin moved into centre to help consolidate the attack line.

Gutsche moved into goal defence and with her quick feet managed to create many turnovers.

Wanilla were solid in defence only conceding six goals for the quarter and the goalies kept shooting well extending their lead to 14 by the end of the term.

Wanilla lead 35 to 21.

Wanilla went into the last quarter with a strong lead and kept the line up the same, however St Mary’s made a few changes swapping goalies around and bringing on Angela Russell into goal keeper to give them height in their defence line.

Wanilla kept their momentum going and extended their lead further in the last quarter winning the game 45 to St Mary’s 27.

Wanilla played well for three quarters but cannot afford to have a lapse in intensity, as they had in the second quarter.

Wanilla have a few things to take from the game to work on at training and look forward to the challenge of playing Imperials this weekend.

Boston lost to Imperials 43-31

Round three saw cooler conditions for teams on the weekend.

The match between Imperials and Boston was going to be a good test for the new look Boston line-up against the more experienced Imperials with players such as Simoan Hayman, Mel Semmler and Jemma Mason.

The first quarter saw both teams taking a few minutes to settle with strong defensive pressure causing plenty of turnover ball from both sides.

Imperials settled quickly and both Simoan Hayman and Mel Semmler were providing some strong drives to give both their goalies plenty of opportunity to score.

Halfway through the first quarter Boston settled and were able to score more goals.

The quarter ended with Imperials leading 11-7.

The second quarter saw Boston’s Jodie Saunders and Gretta Kennedy switch goalie tags.

Imperials’ goalies Samantha Hickman and Kate Pilgrim also switched.

This lead to an immediate impact on the scoreboard for Boston.

This quarter once again showed great defensive pressure from both teams and the contest was relatively even.

Boston fought back and won the quarter but Imperials went into the half break leading by one goal 20-19.

In the third quarter Imperials started the quarter strongly, while Boston dropped off their intensity.

There were no changes to the Boston line up with Imperials switching Britnee Glover and Stella Reidy between goal defence and wing defence.

Once again strong drives by Imperials provided plenty of opportunity to score. 

Imperials won the quarter 12-6 and extended their lead at three-quarter time to 32-25.

The final quarter saw only one change from Boston with Jodie Saunders and Gretta Kennedy switching back to their original positions and Imperials making a few more.

Imperials were first to settle in this quarter with Boston making some uncharacteristic errors.

An injury to Jemma Mason saw her leave the court, replaced by Britnee Glover.

Imperials ran out winners 43-31.

Highlights of the game included the match up between Amelia Rusden and Simoan Hayman.

Both players were going hard at the ball and showing great determination and the contest was exciting to watch.

Best players for Boston were Airlie Grant and Sachi Syme.

Best players for Imperials were Jemma Mason and Samantha Hickman.

Souths United lost to Wayback 39-54

These two teams always have a good fight and this game would not disappoint.

​The first quarter saw Wayback get off to a strong start with Curtis and Eatts making strong drives and shooting well.

Orchard was already feeding well into the ring and George was creating hard drives to the circle edge.

Souths took a few minutes to adjust to players playing some different positions, once settled this saw South’s mid courters pick up their pace and some beautiful front drives from Reidy and accurate feeds from Matena.

Vlassco was moving well back in goal shooter and over the height of Wilkshire was able to get some great feeds.

De La Salle had a tough and physical duel with Grenfell and the rebounds certainly were not dropping easily with all four in the ring fighting for possession.

The end of the quarter saw Wayback up by two.

Second quarter changes from Souths included De La Salle back to goal shooter, Vlassco out to goal attack, Matena to wing attack and Reidy to centre.

The defence from both teams picked up.

The pressure from Barker and Gudzenovs caused the ever-so-accurate Eatts to miss a few goals and Souths defence were able to get the rebounds and send the ball down through Liddell, who was putting on a show in the middle.

Wayback’s defence had changed, introducing Bri Gray in goal keeper, and both defenders were working overtime.

Sedestrom and George were putting good pressure over the ball on the ring.

This caused a few errors and Waybacks ran away with a bit of a lead.

Souths’ third quarter changes saw Kat Vlassco move to goal shooter, De La Salle to goal attack, M’hiret Otto to centre, Reidy to wing defence and Wayback saw a defence swap with Grenfell back to goal keeper and Gray out to goal defence.

Kat Vlassco in at goal shooter provided a big target for the Souths mid courters and they took advantage.

Otto stepped up doing exactly what was asked of her to block George’s drive to the ring.

Curtis in goal attack was putting on a workshop for goalers and her drive along the baseline was creating all sorts of problems for Souths’ defence but to their credit any goal missed they worked super hard to grab.

The match-up between Reidy and Orchard was an exciting one - these two are definitely big time players. 

The halfway mark saw Wayback make another change with an injury to Grenfell.

Fourth quarter changes saw Kyesha Vlassco go to goal shooter, Reidy to centre, Gudzenovs to wing defence and Liddell to goal defence and for Waybacks Gray went to goal keeper, Sederstrom to goal defence and Bec Leslie to wing defence.

Souths went in a bit more comfortable with players back in their preferred positions.

De La Salle stepped up, showing she definitely has the ‘Vlassco hands’, pulling in high balls and grabbing rebounds.

Liddell stepped up in goal defence applying one-on-one defence and contesting balls not only in the circle but in the mid court as well.

Wayback certainly showed in the last quarter why they are the best in the business with their fitness shining through and their accurate goal shooting.

It was a hard fought game and neither team backed down.