Last minute win for Cummins Ramblers

Last minute win for Cummins Ramblers

Great Flinders football

Lock 8-6 (54) lost to Ramblers 7-15 (57)

THE last kick of the day, a mere 30 seconds before the siren, got reigning premiers Ramblers over the line by three points.

The home side were missing four key players with Ramblers minus the midfield magic of Mickan for the clash.

Taking advantage of the scoring end, the Roos were out of the blocks early with a majors to Hetzel and Habner.

They were winning the clearances and moving the ball swiftly and cleanly making it difficult for the Magpie defenders.

Hall and Ford backed by Shirley and J Hall were continually in the defending arc as Heath and Kelly with the help of Slape and Harrison barely let the Magpies get a smell of the ball in their forward 50.

Siebert and Hetzel each added majors to see a handy four-goal lead at quarter time.

Rule requested a reset while Habner exhorted his team to continue the hard and fast running game.

Lock started well with the ball forward several times with only minor rewards.

Ramblers reset, led by a strong overhead mark from Rowe, for their first major.

Shirley, J. Darling, Sampson and Pedler got into gear, running the ball forward for several minors until they were rewarded at the 20-minute mark through Pedler and another minor from the outer flank thanks to the unpredictable wind.

The Roos’ defence was under the pump and held on reasonably well to see the lead down to 10 points at the long break.

Ramblers started the third quarter with a minor score.

J. Darling, Skinner and J. Hall were staunch defenders and were rewarded through G. Pedler’s goal making it a three-point ball game.

Lock steadied and a magnificent goal from 50 through Wright had fans cheering.

A handball from Wright to Cindric saw the Roos next goal but an answer was found within minutes from Haarsma.

The northern end continued to get more than its fair share with consecutive points from Lock and finally a goal from Beard on the run.

A fantastic juggled mark from Kammerman was justly converted almost on the siren to see the Roos at 8-6 to Ramblers 4-8.

A hungry Ramblers team took on the final quarter in fine style and peppered the northern goals.

If they could not beat the wind they would beat the Roos the hard way.

They started with a point until a Mitch Dennis grab in the pack netted a goal.

Then the hard slog began as the goal umpire suffered a repetitive strain injury with five consecutive points as they continually ran the ball out of their midfield through Shirley, Darling, Pedler, Quigley and Hall.

Their run and disposal was clean and focussed – it was only the wind they could not control.

Tired Roo legs were struggling as they watched their lead pegged back point by point.

Richardson jagged a major at the 22-minute mark, then another minor.

The lead was whittled down to only three points with seconds to go.

In a final surge, Ramblers found the big sticks and got in front for the first time all day.

It was a deserved win, as no team can reasonably expect to win after a scoreless final quarter.

Haarsma, Shirley and Pedler ran all day backed up with great work from Sampson, J. and K. Darling for Ramblers while Morton, Wright, L. Brown and Slape were the Roos’ best runners with Kelly and L Heath their strong defenders.

Cummins Kapinnie 5-11 (41) lost to Eyre United 9-10 (64)

This was a must win game for Cougars who were yet to open their account.

The task was made even harder with the loss of skipper Hazelgrove and two other leaders, Ness and Konitzka, due to injuries sustained last week.

Cougars started well and controlled play early. Young Brodie Laube was presenting well and had two early shots on goal but could not convert.

The Saints scored through veteran Doley against the run of play and soon had another when Young goaled. He was posing a real threat up forward, running high on confidence after his eight-goal haul the week before.

Cougars were desperate around the contest and were winning plenty of the ball but could not find a target up forward and the Saints were up at quarter time.

The early stages of the second quarter were spent in the Saints’ half but they wasted opportunities.

It was left to Cougars’ dashing wingman Crawford to score Cougars’ first goal.

The intensity lifted, with players throwing themselves into the contest, which resulted in Cragg-Sappsford getting sent off after a skirmish.

Rattley goaled for the Saints and when Young kicked truly after some good work from Traeger and Neil the Saints were 15 points up and looking the goods.

Cougars had their chances just before half time but poor finishing left them with only one goal to half time. Scores at the break were Saints 4-1 to Cougars 1-6.

Coach Doudle saw the need for more firepower up forward so he moved Monfries to full forward and instructed his players to go long and direct.

The move did not pay off early as Liddell for the Saints kicked the first goal of the quarter and when Neal goaled after a great pass from Young the Saints were 28 points up.

It got worse for Cougars soon after when one of their players was carded after a collision on the wing.

The yellow card soon turned red after a bit of confusion from the umpires.

This seemed to ignite the Cougar lads. Bellenger goaled followed by a major from Monfries and when L. Paech goaled after a courageous mark just before the siren, the lead was cut to 11 points and Cougars had the momentum.

The game was on the line early in the last quarter and the first goal was going to be crucial. Unfortunately it was gifted to the Saints after a sloppy kick from the Cougar defence.

Monfries soccered a goal after a period of scrappy play and with 10 minutes to play there was only 10 points in it.

When the game is up for grabs, leaders need to stand up and the Saints skipper Dunn did. He goaled after a strong contested mark, then repeated it soon after when he was hit lace out on a good, hard lead, snuffing out any chance of a Cougar victory.

This was an even contest but Saints kicked their goals far easier and went forward with more precision.

The Telfer/Wedd battle was a highlight and they were both among the best players.

The Saints were well served by Traeger, Hall, Fitzgerald. Best players for Cougars were L Paech, Monfries, J. Cragg-Sapsford and young B. Laube.