United Yeelanna too strong for Tumby

Great Flinders netball

Tumby Bay lost to United Yeelana 31-44

Tumby Bay hosted United Yeelanna on a perfect day for netball.

It was set to be a tight game with both teams on level points for the 2018 season so far.

Yeelanna won the toss to take the centre pass and then managed to turn it over to shoot the first two goals of the game.

Both teams were working well through the centre court with some fast passages of play.

Tumby Bay’s Somma Cave, playing goal keeper, had some great intercepts to help Tumby Bay keep in touch with Yeelanna.

Yeelana won the quarter with consistent play down the court, 8 to 12.

No changes were made in the second quarter and Yeelanna started strong with wing attack Sarah Holderness feeding the Yeelanna goalies beautifully.

Centre court players were well matched, with tight contests between Yeelanna’s Taylor Glover and Tumby Bay’s Karlee Dunn.

Cassie Norton found her rhythm with goals hitting the mark.

Tumby goalies Desi Franks and Alex Stratford, although under pressure from the strong defenders Jess Harris and Tegan Modra, still shot some lovely goals when the opportunity arose and Tumby Bay managed to reduce the lead to 18 to 21 at half time.

Yeelanna took to the court in the third quarter with Taylor Glover moving to wing attack, Kate Hancock taking the centre bib and Alyssa Skinner going on as wing defence.

Tumby Bay left the team the same.

Nerves from both sides saw some unforced errors in the early minutes and Tumby got to within two goals.

Yeelanna’s goal shooter Hannah Luter was a rock with some reliable shooting and Yeelanna increased the lead to eight.

Tumby was getting the ball down the court but struggling to convert against the strong defence of Tegan Modra and Jess Harris for United Yeelanna.

Yeelanna goal keeper Jess Harris took a great intercept late in the game and Yeelanna’s Cassie Norton shot well to further increase their team’s lead.

Scores at three-quarter time were Tumby Bay 22 to United Yeelanna 35. 

Tumby Bay made changes for the final quarter with Shae Franks moving from wing attack to goal attack and Desi Franks changing to wing attack.

Yeelanna left the team the same.

Tumby Bay’s Caitlin Anesbury took a fantastic intercept early in the quarter and gave Shae Franks her first goal of the game.

Yeelana centre, Kate Hancock and wing attack Taylor Glover continued to feed the goalies well with Cassie Norton creating space in goals and adding defensive pressure down the court.

United Yeelana were too strong for Tumby Bay in the end and took the points for a win, Tumby Bay 31 to United Yeelanna 44.

Incentive awards went to United Yeelana’s Jess Harris and Caitlin Anesbury for Tumby Bay.