Mallee Park defeat Boston by 43

CONTEST: Boston's Jack Shanley attempts the mark against Mallee Park's Michael Burgoyne Jnr as Justin Lindsay looks on.

CONTEST: Boston's Jack Shanley attempts the mark against Mallee Park's Michael Burgoyne Jnr as Justin Lindsay looks on.

Port Lincoln football

Mallee Park 16-16 (112) def Boston 10-9 (69)

MALLLEE Park earned a 43-point win against a determined and improving Boston side at Poole Oval on Saturday.

The Peckers went on the attack from the opening bounce but it was Boston who drew first blood with a great goal from Brodie Falciani from near the 50, but Mallee Park would get a response goal from Kingsley Bilney Jnr.

Boston was effective with its midfield passages and set up inside 50s, but defensive pressure from Mallee Park kept the Tigers to four goal from eight scoring shots.

Meanwhile the Peckers continued to find passages with Casey Amos, Waylon Johncock and Wes Bilney in particular driving the attack.

Five goals to four gave Mallee Park a three point lead at quarter time.

Boston continued to apply defensive pressure, making Mallee Park earn their inside 50s.

Willy Woldt helped cause turnovers and rebound off the back 50 while Tristan Binder was a welcome inclusion back into the team with intercepting marks and spoils.

At the other end Quade Ware was driving the ball out of defence and Jerome Ah Kit-Burgoyne made it tough for the Tiger forwards to get their hands on the ball.

Amos and W. Bilney continued to drive the Pecker attack as they put through five goals for the quarter, including two from Nathan Johncock.

Boston scored two goals, including one following a screamer from Sunny Singh, to trail by 23 points at half time.

Boston turned it on in the third quarter with some good passages of play down the wings.

Falciani used his possessions wisely and was hard to contain and Jake Nicholls presented himself well as a marking target.

Boston scored goals through Singh, Aaron Dunn and Zac Eustice.

However Mallee Park kept coming and despite some contested football continued to find targets in the midfield.

Amos continued to find space while Justin Lindsay was effective on the forward flank kicking two goals for the quarter.

Four goals to three gave Mallee Park a 29-point lead going into the final quarter.

Boston went into attack early in the final quarter but had a hard time setting up opportunities with Ah Kit-Burgoyne preventing two scores early.

A second goal from Dunn would prove to be Boston’s last major for the game as the ball was kept in the Pecker half for the majority of the quarter.

Boston’s defence applied pressure and it showed as the Peckers scored nine behinds for the quarter.

However the Peckers continued to push forward, controlling play in the midfield and late goals to Amos and Tyler Roderick was icing on the cake, winning by 43-points.