Cats triumphant

Ports 7-6 (48) lost to Cowell 16-12 (108)

THE clash for the Coastal Cup was played at Arno Bay in cold but not wet conditions.

The day started with a great game in the minis with Ports just getting over the line.

The Ports’ colts continued their undefeated run, with the teams mixed up after half time to encourage junior development.

It was good to see Ports field a full team in the B grade and although Cowell were too big and strong, Ports did not shirk a contest and kicked two late goals to make the score respectable.

In the A grade, as Cade ‘Beefy’ Hartwig played his 200th game, Ports – kicking with a three-goal breeze – opened the score with a Brad Masters goal as reward for a good tackle.

Cowell then ran the ball into the wind with Alec Klingberg goaling.

This was followed by another quick goal to Cowell.

Cooper Llewelyn and Jake Turner started to pick up the pace of A grade football and combined for another Ports’ major.

Tom Davey was hitting the contest hard and was able to break through and score on the siren.

At the first break, the score saw Ports with 3-1 (19) and Cowell on 2-2 (14).

Cowell quickly took the lead with a goal each to Alec and Jake Klingberg before Ports worked the ball into the wind for a Tom Davey goal.

Despite Nathan Hannemann’s efforts in repelling many Cowell attacks, the floodgates opened with two goals to Klay Smith and singles to Alec Klingberg and Nick Gale.

Half time score was Ports 4-2 (26) to Cowell 8-3 (51).

Ports started with the first goal of the second half but Cowell kicked the next five into the wind.

Cowell’s grunt in tight around the contest, provided by David Gray, Jake Klingberg and the Sims brothers, combined with running options, resulted in Ports being second to the ball and giving away many frees.

Three-quarter time saw Ports 5-5 (33) to Cowell 13-5 (83).

Tom Davey kicked the first and last goal of the final quarter with three Cowell goals rounding out the middle as the sting went out of the game and I started to think about stacking some drinks in the cold room to warm up a bit.

The final score saw Cowell get away with the win 16-12 (108) to 7-6 (48).

Best players for the Ports side were Brad Masters, Tom Davey, Nathan Hannemann, Ashley Masters and Cooper Llewlelyn.

Best players for Cowell were David Gray, Klay Smith, Nick Sims, Jake Klingberg, Zane Wykamp and Daniel Sims.

Good luck to everyone playing in the Eastern Eyre association match against Great Flinders at Tumby Bay on Saturday.

This story Cats triumphant first appeared on Eyre Peninsula Tribune.