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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Stretching the friendship

Rex Airlines has served us well on Eyre Peninsula for many years; it took over in turbulent times - in our area at least as the service Kendall Airlines provided to the region and was well patronised.

It has had competitors on the Port Lincoln route before - Airlines of South Australia, Qantas and Great Western Airlines that flew against it into Port Lincoln, also for a short period.

By and large Rex was rewarded for its loyalty with our patronage.

However since Qantaslink has reintroduced its service and Rex has faced increased competition on other routes, we have heard little from Rex but complaints and whining about other airlines and the operators of the airports it flies to.

As an example, the company recently blamed competition for ‘driving up’ prices - it probably makes sense on a spreadsheet and on a manager’s desk but not to the general public.

Its frequent flyer program disappeared and it seems to have failed to move with the times by creating a website or app that is easy to use on a mobile device.

Rex is now blaming some of its woes on ‘grandiose spending’ on regional airport upgrades, including Port Lincoln.

Some of us locals also questioned the spend for the new facility in Port Lincoln but we have, by and large, moved on and can appreciate the facility we now have - passengers generally pay any levies for upgrades on their tickets after all.

While the staff at the coal face seem to be able to rise above it, the image and perception being portrayed by Rex’s management should surely be challenged as one of a company that seeks to blame others for its failings, and of one that is living in the past.

Rex has been like a good friend to our communities for many years but its negativity is stretching that friendship.


Port Lincoln 

Protecting the community

Each year, SA Country Fire Service volunteers attend thousands of incidents across the state.

In this, Volunteers Week we should all take a moment to say thank you.

Thank you for the hours upon hours of unpaid time spent at incidents, the hours being professionally trained each week, and the time away from family and friends.

Thank you also to the many employers who allow CFS members the time to protect the community and of course to the families of our members who help support through the late night call outs and sometimes long deployments.

The fire danger season is now over but that doesn’t mean our volunteers won’t still be out there attending structure fires, road crashes, hazardous material spills and supporting other agencies at storm events.

So thank you for the work you’ve done and for the work you will do in the future, all unpaid.


SA Country Fire Service chief officer

SA Cricket Association voting

Over a number of years, it has become overwhelmingly obvious that SACA (South Australian Cricket Association) needs to modernise, rather than living in the past.

Proposed reforms to SACA's constitution and legal structure are now available for all eligible SACA members to vote upon, prior to a special general meeting to be held on June 7, 2018.

Unfortunately, in the past, there has been a very poor percentage of members voting, less than 40 per cent, at AGMs.

For change to occur it is very important that the vast majority of members should cast a vote.

Details and voting can be found at yoursaca.com.au.

Vote now.


Gawler East