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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Competing gods

Just recently on the Sky News channel I saw an item where Sir David Attenborough was walking with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. I think it was in the palace garden.

It is amazing these two people who represent two different belief systems have such a relationship that they seem to have. I think both parties should be commended.

The Queen is the head of the Church of England (so I believe), the Queen of England and head of many Commonwealth countries including Australia, even though it may be in name only.

England, Australia and America, as Christian nations, have truly been blessed because their leaders and forefathers believed in an intelligent creator God, who gave us his word and his only Son to build our nations and our lives upon.

To throw away our belief in God as Creator and that we haven’t been created in the image of God, as the Bible says, then these great nations are on shaky ground.

As Sir David Attenborough and the Queen continued their walk, Sir David noticed a sundial partly shaded by a tree, that therefore would not have shown the correct time. The Queen was quick to say it should be shifted into the sun’s light again.

I believe there could be a prophetic message here. For the sundial to function there has to be certain scientific principles and laws.

Where did the laws that govern the ‘Big Bang’, heat, energy, power of the atom just to name a few, come from? Louis Pasteur demonstrated many years ago that life only comes from life.

Man has yet to create a rock or life out of nothing and if he did it would show it took an intelligent brain to do so. The complexity of the living cell, with its genetic code in the DNA, is a miracle in itself. Why male and female? Why can a man and a woman expect to have a baby human and not a baby ape?

When the God of evolution dethrones the God of creation then something needs to be said. Maybe it’s time to check our sundial and have a long hard look at time, hoping that it is not past midnight.


Port Lincoln 

Pathology delays

It may seem a trivial irritant but it’s the little things that get you. I had noticed that over the last couple of months the results of my necessarily regular blood tests were harder to source even by my health team.

Did they not want me to have the information or were their computer skills in question?

Enter ABC Radio last week. It was discussing the problems with SA Pathology and hospitals’ new OACIS Computer system. I have been misjudging the wrong people.

Although an individual patient with a specific problem, anecdotal evidence would suggest that I am not alone in being affected. Nor are cancer patients the only group impacted.

My oncologist requires blood test results as near as possible to the start of each chemotherapy cycle so he can make an informed decision as to whether to continue or change treatment. Real time blood results are an important part of his tool kit. Besides I now have to make two trips instead of one (long) day trip to accommodate the delay in reporting.

The present debacle with OACIS and SA Pathology resourcing makes my oncologist’s job more difficult, my prognosis less certain and compromises my and my wonderful overstretched health team’s valuable time.

If Adelaide patients are being affected adversely, regional and rural patients will be even more so.

Have you had a problem? Don’t grin and bear it. Report it to our local member at least. He may not be able to help but we won’t know unless we arm him with the information. What may take you a few minutes might save our health teams wasting time trying to get the information they need.