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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Praise for Elliston District Council

Congratulations to the Elliston District Council and their local government award for promoting indigenous recognition through the Waterloo Bay monument.

Also congratulations for coming up with a set of words on the monument that very diplomatically covers all the different views about the word “massacre” and doesn’t buy into the issue about the identity of the traditional owners for the area.

I suspect the words are a joint effort but if it was the work of a single wordsmith they’ve done an excellent job.

Well done all round!


Tumby Bay

And more congratulations for Elliston

Congratulations to the District Council of Elliston and in particular, Elliston District Council chairman Kym Callaghan for deciding to oppose oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

Yes, there is too much risk to ruin something fantastic.

I strongly urge all remaining district councils spread along the coast who haven’t already done so, to fall into line and also admit the risks are far too high and drop their support of oil drilling in the GAB.

The coastal communities of South Australia have very little to gain, if anything, and everything to lose by allowing the development of a fossil fuel industry in the Bight, which has the very real potential to destroy tens of thousands of livelihood’s and cause irreparable damage to the environment should an oil spill occur.

Scientific research has been telling us for more than 25 years that humans must break their addiction to oil.

We have a moral and ethical responsibility to future generations and the planet to force the government and oil companies to move away from expanding the harmful fossil fuel industry and put their money and research into developing a safer, cleaner energy source.



Decentralisation policy a ‘fizzer’

It’s a big letdown for regional Australia that the Turnbull Government’s decentralisation policy has turned out to be a fizzer.

On budget night, the government announced just six agencies would move a handful of jobs. 

What they didn’t say was that it was only 98 jobs which would, in fact, be “decentralised”; and that only 16 of those would actually go to a regional centre.

In fact, 80 per cent of the jobs will move from one capital city to another. 

This includes 25 jobs which the government will move from Sydney’s CBD to Parramatta, only 25 kilometres away.

Over the last year, the government has raised considerable expectations in regional Australia about its policy only to disappoint. 

Many councils have put time and energy into making the case for hosting agencies in their regional cities.

The Coalition’s decentralisation policy is nothing more than a complete fizzer.

If the government was serious about supporting regional employment then it should stop their ongoing cuts to regional public service jobs.


Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government

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