A windy win for Cowell

Eastern Ranges 6-12 (48) lost to Cowell 9-9 (63)

SATURDAY’S conditions at Rudall would likely rank amongst the worst of recent times for football.

My tear ducts are still flushing mini dunes of non wetting sand from the back of my eyeballs.

Flags and reputations were shredded in winds gusting to 80 kilometres an hour.

Boundary umpires spent way more time than they should have retrieving ‘out-on-the-fulls’.

How is one meant to keep abreast of the AFL scores and the latest state of the the Melbourne and Sydney quaddies if blokes keep skying mongrel punts beyond the first row of parked SUVs.

That the Eastern Ranges junior colts managed 5-6 (36) is testament to how well they are playing.

Ranges’ senior colts overcame a slow, error riddled start to win comfortably, making the most of the wind, kicking 13-12 of their 16-21 with it.

A few of the players outside of the probable voting that I thought rated a mention were; Jeddy Betts Burton, Zane Cretty, Will Humphries (two goals), Ned Schubert, Curtis Newlyn and Lachlan ‘Stinger’ Jones.

Sean Norseworthy was best for the visitors but the highlight of the match was the monster torp unleashed by diminutive Liam Frost from outside 50 that went through for Cowell’s only major.

All things being equal, and given the weather, the B grade script was bereft of high-marking and flashy foot skills.

The game went according to script.

Ranges reversed the result from their season opening Anzac Day clash on the back of solid games from Matt Beinke, Dustin Harris and Nathan ‘Nosta’ Gillings.

With half a dozen first choice players missing from their line-up, Cowell started marked underdogs in the A Grade but when the three-quarter time siren sounded they were marked favourites.

Scores were tied at 6-4 to 5-10 and with having last use of the wind being akin to a handful of trump cards they would go on to win by 15 points.

For Ranges, Jake Bruce covered more ground than a renegade sherbet wrapper in the wind and his elite foot skills certainly came to the fore, while the onball quartet of Kenny, Kenny, Storic and Kwaterski continued their good form.

For Cowell, Nick Gale again dominated overhead, Zane WyKamp had the better of the ruck duels and Nick Sims finished with a game-high five goals, an outstanding effort in the conditions.

It was a tough day all round - not even the umpires were exempt, with Crown Prince Bronte from Kenchington Palace seen taking counsel during the long break from the High Priest Of Sledgeville, Fuzzell Fennell. Something fishy about that.

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