Upgraded Googs Track memorial unveiled

Family and friends of ‘Goog’ and Jenny Denton gathered at Dinger and Goog’s memorial site at the weekend to upgrade the site.

Camping on the ground where the family shack once stood meant dedicated work by the group to upgrade the memorials was completed over three days. 

The memorials were originally laid on October 8, 1994 and June 8, 1997.

“This weekend marks a very special occasion for the track” Mrs Denton said.

A plaque was laid in honour of Coral ‘Nana Nong’ Beattie, Mrs Denton’s mother, to commemorate her compassion and dedication while pushing Googs Track.

Surviving members of the track pushing crew, Mrs Denton, Denis Beattie, Debbie Burge and Jeffery Denton were honoured and foundation sites created for the ultimate family memorial. 

Mrs Denton said this was a special occasion and many people helped to make this happen.

“This was a very emotional day, I’m just so pleased and humbled for the help of my good friends to make this day happen,” Mrs Denton said.

“I have been planning it for a long time and it wouldn’t of happened without amazing people around me, especially Wal, Donna and Durds, they made it happen.

"The community of family and friends out here this weekend worked tirelessly to get this done for me, I’m just so happy, thank you.”

The weekend culminated in the official unveiling of the Denton Family Memorial on Sunday.

About 40 people travelled out along the track to join the family at the memorial site and a barbecue lunch afterwards in the scrub was enjoyed over a couple of coldies and sharing of many track memories. 

A sign marking the occasion was erected honouring the family and formalising the memorials for future track users to be able to understand some of the history of the track and its dedicated pushers.

This story Denton Memorial upgraded first appeared on West Coast Sentinel.