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Community rights v council wrongs

Question: when does a community noticeboard cease to be a community noticeboard?

Answer: When council fails to properly maintain it and removes the glass doors to encourage deterioration in order to replace it with a lockable, council monitored noticeboard to restrict freedom of speech, as well as introducing draconian by-laws to prevent notices and signs being erected elsewhere without council approval.

The Heritage Community Noticeboard was erected by the business community in 1986 to celebrate our 150th jubilee year and should have been restored, not destroyed by council.


Streaky Bay

Great news or too good to be true?

Forty five jobs have suddenly appeared. Triple. 

Suddenly we are told the government has only now decided to put the intermediate level waste at the nuclear waste site, when clearly it was always there. Low level waste does not need guards. 

It is the long-lived highly radioactive intermediate waste the original security guards were guarding.

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) is worried it will lose the vote. Forty five jobs sounds great. 

Understandably people will want to believe it’s true. 

But DIIS have said so much that is untrue already- can you trust them?

Intermediate level waste, including from the nuclear reactor, has always been part of the deal. Because it is highly toxic (over 90 per cent of the radioactivity, needing to be kept safe for 10,000-100,000 years) they have always played it down. 

DIIS has sold the dump concept with displays of harmless looking gloves and gowns. But intermediate waste, including reactor waste, was always the main game. 

DIIS has pushed nuclear medicine as a main reason we have this waste; but almost never mentions the vast majority of countries do not have reactors to make nuclear medicine. Certainly the UK and the US import theirs. 

We get ours from South Africa when the reactor is down.

The medical information they have put out is wrong or deliberately misleading. 

A couple of years ago I thought they just had dopey advisers, but having pointed out many false statements to them in person and in writing they (or their advocates) keep trotting out the same wrong or distorted claims. 

They claim there is no stigma to having nuclear waste - yet Lucas Heights (the suburb) changed its name to Baden Ridge to try to improve the property values. 

They have claimed there is an international shortage of nuclear medicine, when in fact the NEA/OECD predict a glut.

There has never been a cost benefit analysis of isotope production.

ANSTO costs the tax payer about $200 million a year, yet it cannot show a credible cradle-to-grave benefit from massively ramping up waste production. They are even fighting the choice of who votes.

There is no transparency. No accountability, no guarantees of these magically appearing new jobs being local or even existing at all, no real plan for long term disposal of this incredibly toxic material. 

At Woomera drums are leaking, and several Maralinga clean-ups have still left a poisoned land.

For 20 years they have tried to foist this second rate “100 year store” on a community.

We urgently need an independent inquiry into nuclear waste production and storage. 

The department has told way too many half-truths. “Forty five jobs” simply does not pass the pub test.