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We need the business

It is unfortunate that the China syndrome is kicked about the corridors of power a little more than usual in Canberra.  

God only knows why?  

We in the fishing industry need the export markets of China more than ever before.  

All of us would be well served helping to overcome any perceived hurdles or export issues with our northern neighbours, 1.4 billion people as consumers tell the story.

Ill-advised public servants, less than savvy politicians from Canberra just don’t understand our needs to find good, appropriate markets for our seafoods.  

Criticizing a major country we do business with is somewhat easy however coming up with the right solutions is a little harder.  

We need China more for our business than they need us.  

If we are not careful other countries will take our place in the supply chain costing us financially with jobs and prosperity as the consequence.

Think about it…


Port Lincoln

Voting in council elections

Most Councils will have advised residents of the elections due in November this year and they likely included criteria for joining the voting roll.

All Australian citizens over 18 years of age are on the state or federal electoral roll and automatically entitled to vote at Council polls. 

To my surprise and I am sure to many; voting at council elections is also available to “non-Australian citizens” who have resided at an address within the council for one month or more.

There is a fundamental error here.

Even in a sporting club, voting is restricted to full members. 

Part time or associate members may not vote.

Voting should be considered a privilege and not taken lightly and to offer a vote to anyone not a member, like a non-Australian, is inviting a distorted election outcome. 

For instance, a group of backpacker seasonal workers who were resident for a few weeks could easily influence an election outcome which may differ from the preference of local residents.

Residents desiring a vote are encouraged to firstly become Australian citizens.

In the interest of genuine accountable government, I believe Council elections need to be consistent with state and federal requirements. 

State MP’s need to be asked to ensure such consistency.



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Web Words

A 45-year-old man lost his licence after returning a positive breath test reading of 0.096 on June 7.

Great job for looking after our community the boys in blue. It's funny how some of the older population have years of experience but they end up driving more under the influence for drugs and alcohol. They’re the ones being an influence for our younger generation...just saying that it’s been happening in our news and on the TV a lot.


That’s nothing. Up here in Brisbane our cop grabbed a woman on a horse at a bottle-o, she blew .854 or close...hence they arrested her and walked her horse to the station.


Great job boys in blue.