Funding deal for car park sealed

Knocking off their shoes before walking indoors will be a thing of the past for members of the Port Lincoln Table Tennis Association after the Port Lincoln City Council agreed to seal the association’s car park in the 2019/2020 financial year.

The council decided to set aside $68,512 in its 2019/2020 budget to lay hot mix asphalt to finish the final unsealed car park at the Ravendale Complex after requests from the association’s president Jason Regan.

Port Lincoln City Council mayor Bruce Green said the council decided to change its position on sealing the car park after knocking back the request for funding in May because the council did not originally “understand the history or continuing efforts the table tennis association made.”

Mr Green said he was disappointed it would take another financial year before the work would be started on the car park.

He said a lack of understanding of the full issue as well as the contribution of the association over the years to the community changed some councillor’s minds on asphalting the car park.

In a letter to the council, Mr Regan said sealing the car park was a safety issue for the table tennis association and its members.

“With our membership ranging in age from 10 years of age through unto 80 years old it is extremely important that we provide safe access to our facility for our members,” Mr Regan said.

“The current situation is unsafe with the existing car park extremely slippery when wet with the potential for falls a very real concern.”

Mr Regan said for the last two years the association’s attention had been focused on the completion of the car park, and he was pleased and excited the association could now focus on other matters. 

“We can go back to our core business of promoting table tennis,” Mr Regan said.