Tasman and Peckers headline post Mortlock round

KEY: Billy Byass, seen here playing for Lincoln Districts, should be a key player for Marble Range this weekend against Lincoln South.
KEY: Billy Byass, seen here playing for Lincoln Districts, should be a key player for Marble Range this weekend against Lincoln South.

Port Lincoln football

Port Lincoln football is back following the Mortlock Shield break but after playing this past weekend what can we expect from some of the star players this round?

Mallee Park v Tasman, Mallee Park

Mallee Park earned an important win before the break against Lincoln South while Tasman are coming off a dominant 185-point win against Boston.

Tasman will be without Tex Sinclair or Jackson Tansell this weekend but Ben Daniels and Brent Harris are expected inclusions and should add needed height and marking ability.

Watch for Rhys Kelsh to set up his teammates from the ruck as Tasman will try to hit its targets up forward such as Daniels, Cody Mason and Johann Wagner, who is coming off an impressive 11-goal haul against the Tigers.

Boyd McCurry has really been leading by example in the midfield with his pursuit of the football while the Rosalias and Rhyce Beinke should also be ones to watch.

What will stand in their way is the formidable Mallee Park defence, Jerome Ah Kit-Burgoyne will be all over Wagner to make sure the major aren’t flowing and Quade Ware has been there to run the ball back into the midfield.

Kingsley Bilney Jnr will always be dangerous with the football in his hands while Casey Amos is in Mail Medal form with his run and carry and his set up of inside 50s.

It will be interesting to see what Pecker team we will see from now on, but they have been coming good and should be a challenge for the remainder of the year.

The Peckers will be a challenge at home but the pick is Tasman by a narrow margin.

Lincoln South v Marble Range, Centenary Oval

Top of the table Marble Range take on Lincoln South at Centenary as the Rangers look to reaffirm why they are top at the moment.

Marble Range will wait to see if Ty George, Cody Pilgrim and Matt Parker will be fit to play while Blaze Kay is out with an ankle injury.

Despite this the Rangers should still be formidable, coach Reece Francis has helped to rebound the ball off half back and Billy Byass is quick and can set up goals.

Tynan Keeley should be an early target for scoring shots or to set up inside 50s and Kory Beard with a haul of six in the previous round will hopefully be back to dangerous form.

The Eagles will be without Ben Shillabeer and Jordan Smith this weekend but welcome back Max Bower, Hayden Carey and Kane Hope.

Souths will look to put defensive pressure on the Rangers and get in their face for the ball, Paul White has been impressive in defence and Mitch Jolly should also cause some turnovers.

Luke Wilkins uses the ball wisely while Jack Waller and Swayne Ackland will help to set up or line up for scoring opportunities.

Souths are steadily improving but Marble Range should get another win here.

Boston v Wayback, Poole Oval

With their first loss out of the way Wayback will look to bounce back against Boston at Poole Ova.

The Demons are expecting some big ins with Toby Rawson and James Blewit a chance for their first games of 2018 while David McPharlin and Joe Waugh are also expected inclusions.

Wayback will look to dictate flow of play through the middle by setting up space down the wings and set up clearing kicks to give Boston’s defenders headaches.

Boston will be without Tristan Binder but Brodie Falciani will return with Marko Visic and Aaron Dunn also possible inclusions.

Boston will need to play man-on-man as Wayback are good at hitting targets and setting up inside 50s for shots on goal.

Wayback should score the easy win here and keep a hold of second spot.