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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Thanks to the Port Lincoln Hospital

Just recently I had to take my wife to the emergency after hours at the Port Lincoln Hospital.

I would like to commend the doctors and the nursing staff and even the cleaners for their patience, their kindness, their listening ear and their heart. All of which were shown and given to my wife.

I would like to take this opportunity just to say thank you.


Port Lincoln

Corner Cafe will be missed

What a shame! Another shop has closed its doors.

The Corner Cafe, so very convenient for people of all age, especially us older folks, because of the convenient parking area.

This is essential for folk who cannot walk very far for various reasons.

I have been patronising this little shop for 11 years, five days a week to begin with and even now at least three days a week.

There are different groups who go there for lunch on the same day every week.

There are groups who just go there for a coffee and a chat.

There are groups who go walking on the same day each week and call in for a coffee and chat.

Then there are the people from the country who go there to eat because of the convenience of parking, and also know they will be served a meal they will enjoy.

Not to forget the working people who can pop in and pick up a take-away lunch merely by making a phone call before hand.

That’s not all either. The people behind the counter are so friendly, they treat customers like family, always a friendly word and a smile.

What a shame another door has closed to the inconvenience of many, many people which the incident could have been easier overcome.

What a shame after all these years this convenient little cage has served the people from all over Eyre Peninsula.

I have the privilege of signing this letter for all of those people who will be inconvenienced by this closure.

What a shame!


Port Lincoln

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Web words

LOCAL teacher Mel Quinn launched her children’s book, Freddy Follows, last week.

Thanks Mel for your book! Will definitely be adding a copy to our bookcase! Thank you again ​


Congrats Mel. A great way to start this kind of conversation.


                                                                                                                PORT Lincoln residents Alison Parker and Matthew Walsh were ‘horrified’ at the amount of rubbish they were picking up on Eyre Peninsula beaches.

Good on you Alison. If we all took away just a bit more rubbish from the beach each visit.


Good on you Alison and Matthew.