Kimba too good

With great chunks of the Antarctic ice shelf routinely crashing into the southern ocean recently it should come as no surprise that the weather turned bitterly cold for footy on Saturday.

When frozen seagulls fall from the sky and long johns and beanies are about as much use as a screen door on a submarine; you know it is cold.

The senior colts game went according to script with Ranges pretty much in control from the first bounce to the last to win comfortably, 10-10 (70) to 2-0 (12). 

The scoring differential would have been greater but for the defensive ability of the Tigers’ Bailey Francis who knocked up stats at a rapid rate.

Max Glare and Mitchell Yates also earn a mention.

For the victors, Riley Evans was was everywhere, attacking the ball and using his athleticism to advantage.

Jumping Jack Grosser, Jed Burton, Reagen Taheny, and Nathan Peters who continues to improve week on week were all solid contributors.

The B grade returned to a timezone most were familiar with – hot dog sales suffered as a consequence – and surprise surprise, more goals were kicked in the opening 10 minutes of play than were kicked for the entire game last time around. 

The goal umpires; Graeme Byrnes and Peter Woolford alias Laubman and Pank actually earnt their generous stipend.

If Joel Nield does not get the three votes come Medal time there will be calls for a royal commission.

Four goals and 44 disposals at an efficiency rating of 98 per cent along with solid games from Gillings, Evans, Meyer, Kirvan and Smith ensured Ranges were always in control of the game.

That was the end of the penny section (as far Ranges were concerned) for the day. 

The A grade belonged to Kimba and with the final scoreline reading 15-9 (99) to 3-10 (28) not even the most ardent blue and white supporter could argue against that.

Kimba opened the scoring with a goal to Joel Fitzgerald. 

The lead up play was a decisive centre bounce tap that cleared the congestion and found Reece Rayson who laced out the leagues leading goalkicker. 

This was not the Tigers only avenue to goal though as evidenced by six individual goal kickers in the first quarter.

Corey Everangry was amongst them; and for a while there he threatened to derail the visitors. 

But to his credit he redressed that issue and was clearly amongst Kimba’s best finishing with four goals -  one out of mid-air putting him on standby for a spot in the Socceroos starting 11 against Denmark in Samara, Russia on Thursday.

To add insult to injury the Tigers, kicking into the wind, added three goals to one in the final quarter. 

Joel Fitzgerald (1) for five for the day, Everangry and Daniel Chapman the others.

Kimba had many best players with Jesse Kemp and Reece Rayson foremost followed by a swag of defenders who were super methodical in exiting the backlines - Shannan Larwood, Bryce Hampel, and Dion Woolford to name a couple of them.

Jess Kenny is having another great year and had allies on the day in Jake Bruce, Ethan Kwaterski, Caleb Evans and Dean Storic but all in all it was tough day at the office for the hosts.

This story Kimba too good first appeared on Eyre Peninsula Tribune.