Marble Range and Tasman headline at Wangary

KEY: Lance Appleby should be one of Marble Range's stand out players in the midfield this weekend.

KEY: Lance Appleby should be one of Marble Range's stand out players in the midfield this weekend.

Port Lincoln football

THIS weekend’s round in the Port Lincoln Football League will see one team try to hold on to top spot against a tough opponent in the headling match.

Marble Range v Tasman, Wangary

Marble Range are just ahead of Wayback on percentage and to hold on to it they will need a good win at home against third placed Tasman.

Rangers will be without Craig Welfare who is away for work, but have some big expected inclusions in Cody Pilgrim, Alex Sampson, Jayden Sampson and Nick Cooper.

Pilgrim will be a welcome inclusion in the midfield who alongside Lance Appleby, Boyd West and Ty George will pose problems for Tasman.

Tynan Keeley has been standing up in attack to provide Rangers with another goal kicker other than Kory Beard and look for young Billy Byass to make an impact on the scoreboard as well.

For Tasman it will start in the midfield with the superior ruck work of Rhys Kelsh and coach Boyd McCurry has been leading by example with his hard ball gets and wise use of disposals.

Cody Mason is out with a facial injury, Dylan Perry has a broken hand and Nathan Frost is also out, but there are several big ins including Tex Sinclair, Zac Melzner, Carl Semmler, Brent Gray, Wade Mason, Jackson Tansell and Johann Wagner.

Tasman will need to get in the face of Marble Range who are adept at using the wide space of Wangary to set up a run along the wing or find space for an easy mark.

Rangers will also apply the defensive pressure early to make sure the Rooster forwards will not have an easy day in front of goal.

It should be a close game but Marble Range look likely to win and remain on top.

Wayback v Lincoln South, Centenary

Wayback dominated with a 157-point win against Boston last weekend and will look to put on a similar performance against Lincoln South.

Wayback will lose Jason Perkins this weekend but young players including Sam Clark, Dylan Stigwood and Zac Mullins are all in consideration to be recalled into the side.

The Demons set up the win last weekend with its control of the football in the midfield, setting up space and hitting targets combined with clearing kicks to hit the likes of James Blewit or Jonty Seal.

Thomas Easson is a ball winner in the midfield and Shaun Maxfield can set up inside 50s with his clearing kicks while for Souths Anton Story is out while Ben Shillabeer is an expected inclusion.

Souths went goalless last weekend against Marble Range in a 78-point defeat, something they will be determined not to replicate against Wayback, hopefully in more agreeable weather.

Players including Luke Wilkins, Mitch Jolly and Levi McDonald continue to win plenty of the football and Paul White continues to lead by example in defence.

Shillabeer will be able to help out at either end and Jack Waller should be an early mark and goal option.

Souths will need to do what Boston could not last weekend, beat Wayback to the contests and ensure the likes of Blewit, Seal and Josh McKenzie do not get their hands on the ball.

Wayback look the goods here and should be able to score another impressive win.

Mallee Park v Boston, Mallee Park

Mallee Park have showcased their determination in recent weeks and at home against the winless Boston they will look dangerous.

Although accuracy let them down against Tasman, the Peckers showed they were committed to winning the football and setting up the run and carry for inside 50s.

They are well served by Jerome Ah Kit-Burgoyne and Quade Ware in defence, Kingsley Bilney Jnr and Jayden Roderick should rack up possessions and set up the attack, with Casey Amos and Justin Lindsay to be among those either setting up inside 50s or shooting for goal.

Boston could have some possible inclusions  if Aaron Dunn and Sinisa Gregov come back from injury.

Dunn with his clearing kicks and ability to make a contest would be welcomed, with Gregov to provide some extra goal kicking ability up forward.

Boston will need to step up after last weekend and play man-on-man football against the Peckers, who will look for any opportunity to set up clearances with their run and carry.

Boston’s defence has been positive with Willy Woldt, Sam Kolega, Marcus Ellis and Thomas Reynolds-Rowe among those creating turnovers and running the ball out of 50, but they will face constant bombardment against the Peckers.

Mallee Park are likely to pick up an easy win.