Ceduna man’s plan to unite the world

Eighty people from 40 countries have come together with one message, all thanks to a former Ceduna resident.

The song ‘There is Still Time’ was released this week and was the brainchild of international speaker Cameron Brown, designed to inspire change in the world.

It also aimed to demonstrate that technology, when used purposefully, could magnify innovation and impact in the world, with Mr Brown’s video formed by meeting people online.

Mr Brown said he wrote the song last year after living in the Colombian rainforest and after seeing “trees being cut down in front of my eyes and mining companies move into pristine areas of jungle.”

Following a move to Argentina he compiled three songs on a grand piano, including ‘There is still time’.

The video includes footage of people from across the globe, recorded in their own country.

“None of us have ever met in person and before this project, we never knew each other even existed,” he said.

“Relationships were formed through social media and remote work platforms, leading to people from those 40 countries participating: from Jordan to Macedonia, Uganda to Japan.

“I often wonder how long this would have taken if it wasn’t for technology – I believe it would have taken years, instead we were able to accomplish this in just four months.”

Mr Brown’s part for the video was filmed in the United States.

“For my part in the video, we transported a grand piano to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado at sunrise, filming with a commercial drone and other state of the art equipment,” he said.

“Every relationship was built through digital technology, even the relationships required to transport the grand piano to and film at the Garden of the Gods.

“It was important to do this, it was one of the key points I was wanting to show here – that technology when used purposefully can be a powerful tool for change in the world.”

Now US based, Mr Brown recently delivered the closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx event, during which he revealed his musical project to the audience before playing it live on a grand piano with the video on a big screen.

“I wanted to create a multi-sensory experience on stage, blending education, music and film into one remarkable experience for the audience,” Mr Brown said.

“I worked tirelessly with Krsto, a mixing engineer from Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Igor, a video editor from Macedonia.

“I can’t thank them enough for the commitment they made to making this as extraordinary as possible – we worked so many late nights, and sometimes through daylight the next day.”

The video was released worldwide on Wednesday.

“Now, we have just released the music video on social media – the goal is to inspire change in the world and to show what’s possible when we come together and put our differences aside,” Mr Brown said.

“To go with the release, we created the hashtag #ThereIsStillTime for people to share a photo or video on social media of how they are helping change the world.

“As the lyrics go in the song, ‘Every action impacts this world that we say we’re trying to save’.”

Mr Brown said it was our actions which determined our future and so the more people committing to doing something differently which was good for themselves, other people and the planet, would make for a better world.

To learn more about the project go to: https://thrivingcollective.com/change

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