Cougars chase down win

Picutre: Lisa Warner.
Picutre: Lisa Warner.

Great Flinders football

United Yeelanna 16-14 (110) def Ramblers 3-5 (23) 

Ramblers hosted the inform Eagles at Cummins on a perfect Saturday afternoon for football.

With Yeelanna looking to further cement their premiership favouritism and Ramblers looking for a better outing than their round one hit out it promised to be a good game.

Yeelanna opened up with five goals in 20 minutes stating to Ramblers that they had come to play.

Stephen ‘Spoggy’ Crettenden and Matt Dyer had two each and with the Eagles controlling the game Ramblers were rattled at the first break.

The only highlight was a great running goal to Wes Bilney from the boundary line.

The tough Eagles defence led by Brock Jolly, Jack and Matt Cretty was well on top and each time they went forward they looked dangerous with so many different options to goal.

The second quarter was no easier for Ramblers with the Eagles bagging another five to Ramblers one.

Their intensity in and around the ball meant their runners, led by Brayden Martin and Matt Coombs who was having a blinder and the usual group of the Watson boys and Casey Carr who was delivering long and quick to the multi pronged Eagle attack meant the Rambler boys were chasing at every part of the ground.

A classy piece of play saw Michael Crettenden thwart a rare Rambler attack at half back to see the ball go to Casey Carr, Xavier Watson and Matt Dyer who kicked truly from 40 to add more pain for the Pies.

If it was not for the efforts of Tysan Mickan and Wade Starke in defence and George Pedler around the packs, the Eagles would have been further in front.

The Eagles led 10-5 (65) to Ramblers 2-3 (15)

The third quarter was a continuation of the first two with Yeelanna dominating in the midfield to give their forwards first look and their defence rebounding with ease.

Jack Crettenden, Aaron Watson and Ben Carr were on top down back and with six more goals for the term the lead was starting to look ugly for Ramblers.

Goals to C. Carr, Zac Glover, Dyer, X. Watson and a fifth to Spoggy proved the Eagles machine was too much for Ramblers.

Ramblers were working hard and their pressure was there but the number of Eagles around the ball and their work rate was too much for Ramblers to absorb.

The pressure was on Ramblers to respond in the last with Yeelanna searching for a 100 point margin.

With Yeelanna cruising Ramblers were able to match them on the scoreboard but the damage was done.

A good mark to Richards saw Ramblers peg one back but poor kicking from Yeelanna let Ramblers off the hook.

It was hard to pick best players for Yeelanna as they had 21 contributing all day.

The brothers Crettenden, Watson and Carr were everywhere.

Dyer and Brock Jolly gave four strong quarters but it was Matt Coombs who found the ball regularly and his stand out mullet made him a best on ground.

Ramblers never stopped trying and their pressure and intensity at the ball and player was good, they were just completely out classed all over the ground.

Times scribe: Matt Coombs (3), Stephen Crettenden (2), Brock Jolly (1).

Cummins-Kapinnie 13-8 (86) def Tumby bay 11-9 (75)

In contrast to the arctic conditions the week before Tumby Bay hosted Cougars in what proved to be an entertaining game.

Reflective of the fine weather a free flowing game developed early when Calvery and Bates goaled early for the home side.

The Tumby forwards were the beneficiaries of impressive work from young slickster Jackson Murphy who used his subtle skills to put forward penetrating kicks into the forward lines.

For the visitors Konitzka started positively and was reading the play very well as he chalked up possessions all over the field.

However the first quarter belonged to the home side and this was confirmed when Reeves, showing lightning fast speed, managed to score a sharp goal before he went on to celebrate like he’s been watching the FIFA World Cup.

The second quarter started fast as Cougars managed to create a clear path to goal from the bounce.

Adam Brown, playing as full forward for Tumby, lead out and marked like a boss, before scoring from the set shot.

When Tyler Franklin was pushed in the back while running the ball out off the centre, the free kick was paid down the ground to Brown, who once again converted to put the home side in a strong position.

Konitzka managed to get one back for the visitors before J. Calvery, once again showed what a specialist goal sneak he can be and scored two in succession before the long break.

The third quarter was a big one for Cougars.

It needed to be as Monfries, Ness and Hazelgrove linked up and seemed to follow Konitska’s lead.

Cougars showed impressive communication and concentration as they mowed down the home sides lead.

Jackson Murphy for Tumby Bay made a charging run for goal running like a greyhound, bouncing and side stepping the opposition on his way to a left foot goal.

However Cougars were definitely finding a groove and they went into the third quarter break with the score locked up at 9-7 and 6-1 apiece.

Monfries scored first for the Cougars after the bounce before youngster Harry Degner chased down an awkwardly bouncing ball to soccer a goal and again lock the scores up with just 10 minutes to go.

When a controversial umpiring decision went against the erstwhile Scott Edmonds in the home sides back 50 led to a goal for Cougars, it was followed soon after by another goal to Monfries.

All of a sudden Cougars were two goals clear.

When that man again, Konitzka, linked up with Monfries to goal Tumby were looking desperate.

However the desperation seemed to help Tumby and both sides looked to leave everything on the track.

Franklin held his composure in the backlines as he lead out to Calderwood who managed to find James.

It was to be Tumby’s last push forward.

But for the home side it led to disappointment when a fatigued James narrowly missed the shot on goal.

With a second half showing, Cougars had run down the home side to win by 111 points.

 Eyre United 9- 8 (62) def Lock 4-8 (32)

Eyre United were convincing 30-point winners over the Lock Roos in a final quarter surge at the Lock oval.

In a low scoring match, the Roos were again unable to put together four quarters of football to keep their final four chances a strong reality.

Perfect football (not farming) conditions made for a good spectator’s day as the match began at a fast and furious rate.

Both sides pushed to gain ascendancy with no gain as L. Heath and Kelly repelled the Saints’ forward pushes with Gale, Fitzgerald and Telfer likewise at the other end.

Neither midfield could gain the upper hand and it was eight minutes before Liddell majored for the Saints.

In a quick reply, the next centre clearance was taken through the middle with Habner doing the honours for the Roos.

Traeger and Hall were having a great run and staunch defence from Fitzgerald gave his teammates the opening for their second goal.

Brown and Morton kept pumping forward for two Roo points to see only three points in the game at the first break.

In the lowest scoring quarter it was nigh on 10 minutes before the goal umpires moved.

Liddell was awarded a free inside 50 and made no mistake.

Within minutes a fantastic boomer into the square found Sellen’s solid hands who then made no mistake in conversion.

Vlassco and Telfer on the wings were being well utilised by Dorizzie, Summer and Traeger in their forward push, gaining three minors while L and B. Brown, Morton and Wright were running for Lock’s two points.

At the main change there were just four points in the game.

Lock was out of the blocks early with a pinpoint kick from Siebert to Sellen on the run resulting in a goal and putting them in front for the first time since the start of the match.

Another minor before Dunn was able to snag the ball and send it forward, steering it through an unattended goal square.

It was here that Habner was taken off to play no further part in the game.

Poor disposal from Lock made it look easy for the Saints to add another two goals as their confidence lifted and they went up a gear.

At 6-4 to 3-7 the game was slipping away from the Roos at the final change.

The final quarter belonged to the Saints as they outplayed their opponents.

Telfer, Summer, Gale and Fitzgerald again had a great quarter with Traeger and Dorizzie turning inside out.

L Heath was still the staunch attacking defender for the Roos with the Brown brothers and Morton in battle through the midfield.

An unanswered 3-4 from the Saints put the game well out of the Roos’ reach with their 1-1 coming at the very end of the game.

The Saints were rewarded with a five-goal victory for their four quarters of sound footy and will look forward with confidence to next week’s encounter with Cougars at home.

The Roos will need to re-set for their faceoff with Ramblers at home, losing their last encounter in the final two minutes.