Pump station to be long term flooding fix

IT looks like an end to Liverpool Street’s flooding issues may be in sight with the council looking at upgrading the originally planned, 1200-litre per second pump to a 1700-litre per second pump option.

Hopefully it is a move that pleases the Liverpool Street traders as well. 

In September last year a number of traders from Liverpool and Eyre streets approached the council to ask that they consider upgrading the pumps from the planned 1200-litre per second option.

While the traders were looking for much larger pumps – they had proposed a 2800-litre per second pump option – this improvement will hopefully keep businesses dry. 

This upgrade should give the Liverpool Street and Eyre Street precinct a drainage system capable of managing a one-in-20-year flood event up from the one-in-two-year standard of the existing pump near Liverpool Street.

Port Lincoln has had its fair share of one-in-20-year flood events over the last couple of years so hopefully the plans can be finalised and work can begin soon. 

Future security from flooding is something the business owners around Liverpool and Eyre Streets have been hoping for.

McDonald’s Port Lincoln owner Tony Baj was one of the owners affected by the 2016 flooding event and had previously said the council that a solution needed to be long term and not a “band-aid solution or simply the cheapest option”.

Tonkin Consulting’s plan for a pump station with a 75 to 100 year lifespan and increased pumping ability may be the long term solution that is needed.

While the $4.5 million estimated cost for the project is more than the  $3.2 million the council budgeted for, it is an investment in the city’s infrastructure which should have long-lasting benefits.

Tonkin Consulting is also investigating funding options and the project could potentially receive 50 per cent of the funds needed from the Stormwater Management Authority which would surely be a weight off the council’s and resident’s shoulders come rate time. 

This will be a significant investment for the council but it is a solution to ensure the long term security for businesses in the Liverpool Street/Eyre Street area.

A significant investment now could prevent further spending and loss of money for businesses in the future.