Kenny, Burgin claim invitational titles

Invitational: Division 1 winner Gina Kenny, runner-up Leah Carr, Cummins vice captain Tiff Firth, division 2 winner Karen Burgin and runner-up Leonie Phelps.
Invitational: Division 1 winner Gina Kenny, runner-up Leah Carr, Cummins vice captain Tiff Firth, division 2 winner Karen Burgin and runner-up Leonie Phelps.

The ladies who gathered for the Cummins Invitational Day were very fortunate with Mother Nature.

She blew a gale the night before and rained the night after, but the day of the stableford competition was nothing short of perfect.

Golfers travelled to the Cummins Golf Club from Kimba, Cleve, Coffin Bay and Port Lincoln to hit over the hallowed fairways of our fair course.

Lady chairman Leah Carr welcomed the players, wished Claire Holman a very Happy Birthday and handed over to vice captain Tiff Firth, who was standing in for captain Fiona Dahlitz.

A couple of local rules were mentioned and then the ladies were sent out to eight different tee blocks around the course for a 10am shotgun start to the day.

Elaine Perik claimed there must have been koalas in the trees that kept throwing her wayward golf ball back onto the fairways for her.

Perik had a nice golf ball size bruise on her when one of those balls ricocheted back from that ‘koala’ at a fast rate of knots and collected her on the way.

Another ricocheted ball was recorded on the fourth when Karen Burgin’s hit the 100m white post.

Fortunately Burgin’s ball landed back on the fairway for her to continue to burn up the course.

It was noted that Karen had four stableford points recorded on her card four times which was a terrific indication of how on point her game was.

Anne Middleton gave Tiff Firth a ride back up to the clubhouse in her cart while Firth towed her three wheeler golf buggy alongside.

A little tromp on the accelerator upset the fine balance of Firth’s cart which then had a little mishap.

There was plenty of laughter from both the ladies while picking up the scattered bits and pieces and began the tow at a slower pace up the hill.

Liz Zwar declared she was sinking in quicksand while putting on the 16th scrape.

There are eight scrapes that have been renovated over the summer months and we are still yet without a really good soaking rain to help them settle in.

All the players found the sand scrapes challenging but it was noted that the winners for both divisions were golfers from Coffin Bay who have beautiful fast greens to putt on, so there was definitely no home ground advantage for any players.

A sumptuous home cooked afternoon tea was served, spins were spun and yarns of the day were told around the tables at the 19th.

Division one winner of the Cummins Invitational Day Stableford Competition was Gina Kenny of Coffin Bay with 40 points, Leah Carr was runner-up with 38 points.

Division two winner was Karen Burgin of Coffin Bay with 47 points.

Her handicap was surely in danger after that sterling effort.

Runner-up was Leonie Phelps with 35 points.

Nearest the pin prizes were a Cummins Golf Club champagne flute with a club ball for each division.

Liz Zwar won division one on the seventh scrape when her very straight drive landed sweetly on the scrape.

Hot to trot Karen Burgin collected for division two on the 12th.

The novelty winners were those who had the best second hit on the 18th for division one and again Zwar had it in the bag.

Division two saw Kathy Modra have a cracker second shot up the ninth and Gina Kenny had a lovely birdie on the long par five of the 15th.

With laughs and fond farewells the visitors left the 19th, with quite a few returning yesterday for Interclub Pennants.

Tomorrow’s game is a stroke event, the third round of the International Bowl and the third round of the Putting Competition.

Chris Koch and Liz Blacker are on tee duty and Tiff Firth is Hostess.