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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Nuclear makes sense

I note Terry Krieg still banging on about nuclear energy (Port Lincoln Times, June 26), here, in my opinion, is a person talking absolute sense and it beggars belief that it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

This nation is going down the path of renewable energy with no concern about the cost now or for future generations.

Let’s look at some facts: Just recently a solar farm was completed near Peterborough, at huge expense, and the expected life is 30 years. The wind-farms being scattered across our ranges with gay abandon have a very similar forecast. 

In the manufacture of these systems nobody shows one iota of concern about the amount of damage being done to the atmosphere or environment, nobody is concerned about the damage during the transport of the components (to transport just one blade involves; a large prime-mover, two pilot vehicles and a minimum of three police escort vehicles) not to mention the heavy machinery and cranes needed for massive excavation, and tonnes of concrete, all pumping filthy diesel fumes into the atmosphere.

These systems are destined to be tomorrow’s rubbish creating an astronomical bill for handling it. 

The cost of energy has sky rocketed; in SA in 2017 the number of disconnections was in excess of 2000 which is a clear indication of a dismally failed system.

The question we should be asking is ‘why would any society suffer such self inflicted damage?’  

Voices in society are predicting massive social and environmental damage from nuclear in the event of an accident.

In 2017, Australian road deaths totalled 1230 (multiply that by 20 and we have wiped out the equivalent of a town almost the size of Port Lincoln), added to this are untold numbers of debilitating injuries, considerably more than recorded for the Fukushima episode, and in just one year.

Accidents and disasters can be found anywhere, in most cases it’s called advancement and if we stop advancing then we might just as well say “We give up! We can’t be bothered! It’s too inconvenient!”

The trick is to advance in a way that society, as a whole, can exist safely and comfortably.

We most certainly should not be stepping backwards. We should be looking and planning for a long term environment – I believe that is what any intelligent society should be aiming for.

This planet is the only place mankind can exist, every decision we make should be made with the long term safety and future of the environment that we need in mind.

Dennis Parker


Oil and Gas Propaganda?

I read with interest Graeme Bethune’s letter suggesting local councils are being manipulated by "experienced propagandists".

If The Wilderness Society, who are not-for-profit, are in this category, surely Energyquest (as independent energy market analysis and strategists for energy companies) must be included also.

With all due respect to Dr Bethune, we have government experts advising us on the most convenient spot for a nuclear waste dump as well as telling us everything will be alright once all the boxes have been ticked by NOPSEMA.

A fundamental part of these processes is community consultation.

If enough people can provide enough information to our councillors, then why should a council just sit on its behind, while we’re all told its all okay?  

I’m afraid, Dr Bethune, grassroots, hands on experts such as we have in our fishing and agriculture industries are worth more than shaky guarantees from government agencies, or a letter full of statistics and, dare I say it, propaganda.