Plan for better EP camps

The program aims to increase the number of visitors to the area.
The program aims to increase the number of visitors to the area.

Master planning to improve the infrastructure and quality of campsites on the Eyre Peninsula is being undertaken to increase the number of visitors and the quality of their time in nature.

Members from Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP), Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board, the eleven councils on the Eyre Peninsula and Department for Environment and Water officers have collectively toured the region from Whyalla through to Ceduna to examine proposed locations for “camping node” developments.

These “nodes” are sites which represent a consolidated meeting spot where the RDAWEP would like to encourage visitation by providing basic amenities and facilities that protect nature based tourism.

Because the number of campers during peak times have increased, the sites are showing signs of degradation as the areas have outgrown capacity and the surrounding environment is being impacted.

RDAWEP tourism economic development manager Brad Riddle said 11 sites had been priorisited for visitor infrastructure upgrading, which could include camping as well as day usage.

“The Eyre Peninsula is home to a unique way of life with a natural playground that locals will guard fiercely against change and intrusion,” he said.

“However, the scenic and recreational wonders of the Eyre Peninsula are now more accessible – more boats, more four-wheeled drives, more tour operators – and promoted more heavily than ever before, for example via social media.

“It is widely understood that those interacting with our coastal landscapes want to do so sustainably and will respond to engineered design infrastructure and advisory information on sustainable behaviours.”

Master planning at the sites will look at how various improvements could be incorporated, such as designated campsites with native plant screenings, beach access walkways and boardwalks, and toilets.