Letters to the editor

Only citizens should be able to vote

With local council elections coming this year it is interesting to note that even those who are not Australian citizens can vote if they have resided at an address within a particular council area for more than a month of more.

This seems undemocratic.

Residences desiring a vote should be encouraged to become Australian citizens first. 

Council elections should be consistent with state and federal regulations.

Our politicians should be asked to ensure consistency.


Port Lincoln

Another shop closing

What a shame it is going to happen again, another little shop, very popular with town and country people, shutting its doors.

A clothing shop with something for ages between teens and older ages, all sizes from leaner to the stouter ladies, and again the parking is quite convenient, and recently shoes were available – this was another attraction.

The big conglomerates come into our town and shut every convenient store that they can get their hand onto.

What a shame.

Thinking back to name a few, there was SAFCOL freezer works, the abattoirs, then went Home Hardware and two chemist shops.

It makes one feel that the people on Eyre Peninsula don’t count for very much with all of these places being closed down, people out of work. 

What a shame.

Surely we are worth more than that.

I think we are, and I know a lot of other ladies are disappointed by the latest news of this clothing shop closure.

What a shame.

Many of us will always remember the little cafe and this latest little clothing shop.


Port Lincoln

Lincoln Alive

I am an advocate of Lincoln Alive who with compassion and truthful inclusive conversation aspire to bring greater awareness to our community, family and friends whose lives may be clouded with stress, anxiety or depression. 

They need your love and support, sadly their are alarming statistics of people overwhelmed and unable to cope.

We all matter, we all are given the most precious gift, a life to live, to grow and evolve, to become conscientious, responsible and loving human beings.

But in the noisy confusion of the world we can lose out clarity on what the main priorities of a life well lived are. 

You can lose what you have in life but you will never lose who you really are.

I believe we are all born with an essence of goodness, love, grace and charity, they will never leave you.

We can use these qualities to open our hearts and minds to people who are struggling.

I am proud to be an active member of Lincoln Alive. All of our members bring to you a transparent understanding to be aware that your health and happiness matter and you need not fight your demons alone. 

Lincoln Alive meetings are at 5pm on the second Thursday of the month at the West Coast Youth and Community Support office. 

You are welcome to attend.


Port Lincoln


In last Tuesday’s Times two letters to the editor were mistakenly printed without names or locations.

‘Bight meeting welcomed’ was submitted by Brenton Ellis (Tulka) and ‘No reason to risk clean seas’ was submitted by Nel Taylor (Port Lincoln).