Eyre Peninsula apprenticeship needs to be balanced

Accommodating trades including hairdressing and hospitality, as well as traditional trades, has been identified as one way Eyre Peninsula can bolster apprenticeship and traineeship numbers in the future.

The federal and state governments are coming together to provide $187 million to fund 20,000 new apprenticeships over the next four years.

The governments are addressing the drop in apprenticeship numbers from 30,390 five years ago to 14,725 at the end of last year.

Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula employment and skills development manager Peter Mitchell said it was working with the Department for Industry and Skills and help ensure the needs of Eyre Peninsula, as well as Whyalla and Spencer Gulf were represented.

“We are working with the department to help the department achieve what they want,” he said.

Mr Mitchell said one thing that would be needed on Eyre Peninsula was to ensure there was a balance between apprenticeships for traditional trades, such as building and plumbing, with other trades.

These include hairdressing, hospitality, cooking and social services.

“It’s about striking a balance and making sure that balance is met,” he said.

Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey said the growing federal economy was providing 1100 new jobs a day and the surge was starting to cause problems with the lack of skilled labour.

“To ensure they can compete with the unprecedented demand for skilled workers local businesses will need to be aggressive in their recruitment of new apprentices and that is certainly good news for our children,” he said.

The Training and Skills Commission has put out its discussion paper on future-proofing South Australian apprenticeships and traineeships and is seeking public feedback on what they would like to see happen to improve numbers.

People can access the paper by visiting www.tasc.sa.gov.au/TaSC-2020-Series/Skills-for-Future-Jobs-2020