Tumby keep second spot

CLASH: Ramblers' Billy Pilgrim lays a tackle on Cougar ruckman Levi Konitzka at Kapinnie on Saturday. Picture: Lisa Warner.
CLASH: Ramblers' Billy Pilgrim lays a tackle on Cougar ruckman Levi Konitzka at Kapinnie on Saturday. Picture: Lisa Warner.


Tumby Bay 20-14 (134) def Eyre United 7-7 (49)

Fine conditions at Ungarra greeted players and spectators in a game that would see where both teams were positioned heading into the last round.

In a tight and even opening, the Saints came out with high pressure and managed to hit the scoreboard early.

Tumby’s forward entries were repelled by a solid Eyre United backline.

At quarter time the Saints led by five points.

The second quarter opened with the same high intensity but after Traeger missed an opportunity to kick the Saints away, Tumby’s classy midfield started to get on top with Hind and Franklin moving into another gear.

Goals to the tall targets of Kelly and James for Tumby saw them wrestle control of the game back and kick six goals to one to give them a handy lead at half time.

Eyre United needed to lift in the third quarter and they did.

The first 10 minutes were once again tight, with the ball moving back and forward with good match ups in many positions.

Tom Forrest for the Saints grabbed some big marks up forward and around the ground, and the contest of Tom Kelly and Scott Fitzgerald at centre half forward was also a good battle.

Tumby got the first goal through a free kick in the goal square to James, and Franklin continued to dominate stoppages and also ran forward for a great goal on the run.

The Saints hit back though, with young gun Raheem Dorizzi having a purple patch with a snap goal, and setting up another to Scott Young.

He provided some highlights for the Saint’s crowd.

With Tumby in control going into the last quarter they put their foot down and put on a display of total dominance in the midfield.

They cleaned up the forward entries and gave the Saint’s backmen no chance.

The midfield of Lawrie, Hind and especially Franklin ran all over the Saints to dominate the final term and Franklin kicked his fourth for the day.

The Saints did not help themselves though as the frustration started creeping in.

Yellow cards were dealt out like a back room game of poker, which the umpires won.

A late incident added pain to the Saints’ day with them losing a man.

Tumby ran out comfortable winners after grinding the Saints down in the first half with their best Franklin and Lawrie. 

Best for the Saints were Tom Forrest who provided a big target while Scott Fitzgerald and Traeger were also amongst the best.

Ramblers 11-16 (82) def Cougars 9-7 (61)

Perfect conditions at Kapinnie on Saturday provided the backdrop for the clash between Cougars and Ramblers.

This was an important game for both sides as a win for Ramblers would elevate them to second on the ladder, giving them the double chance, while a win for Cougars would have made a spot in the four likely. 

The game got underway with Cougars kicking north and big Jake Sellen up against Jared Hall in the ruck.

Ramblers were out of the middle early through Pilgrim and it was not long before George Pedler passed off to talented youngster James Richardson who went on to goal from 10 metres out to put Ramblers on the board in the opening minute. 

Ramblers were on top early with Sampson, Treloar and Rule all amongst the action.

Successive goals to Bilney and Starke saw Ramblers well on top.

Eventually cougars worked forward through Konitzka and Henry Nelligan –  playing his first game for Cougars after representing South Australia in the under 16s in Brisbane  – who passed off to Monfries who marked and kicked a much needed goal for Cougars. 

Ramblers continued to dominate the game but it was Cougars who goaled next as Ness took a diving mark and goaled from 30 metres to give his team some respect at quarter time.

Ramblers took a 12-point lead into quarter time.

Cougars started better in the second quarter, with Konitzka outstanding, and soon Monfries had a free and a 50-metre penalty to put him on the goal line and Cougars back in the game. 

It was only a matter of minutes before Ness had a 50-metre penalty in front of goal for Cougars after some undisciplined play by Rambler defenders.

This put Cougars to within points of Ramblers. 

However, Ramblers soon settled with Pilgrim in the middle and Ford solid across half back.

Ramblers worked forward after some good work on the wing from youngster Tom Crettenden, Logan Dennis kicked long from deep in the north-east pocket and Bilney – who is always dangerous around goal – crumbed off the pack and goaled to steady the ship for Ramblers. 

Ramblers were on top in the middle, despite Konitzka’s strength in the ruck.

George Pedler and Shirley were giving Cougars’ defenders grief and Ness, leaving the field with a hamstring injury, made matters worse for the Cougar lads.

Pilgrim goaled after a high tackle and Bilney goaled off hands yet again as Ramblers took a handy 21-point lead into half time. 

The third got underway as the second had finished, with Ramblers on top and Cougars’ defenders under pressure.

But with the likes of Jack Green and Brady Tosold playing strong games in defence, Cougars were able to repel repeated Rambler attacks. 

It was Courgars who goaled next when Daniel Puckridge received a free from 30 out and goaled to keep Cougars in the game.

The rest of the quarter was a slog with Ramblers slightly on top but late in the quarter Dennis kicked a long goal to give Ramblers a handy 28-point lead at three-quarter time. 

The last quarter was played out with both sides going through the motions with Cougars kicking four to Ramblers three.

Ramblers went on to win by a comfortable 21 points.

It was a game that never reached the highs that Cougar-Rambler clashes often do but it was an entertaining game nonetheless, with Ramblers always on top but Cougars always threatening. 

Best for Ramblers were Liam Sampson, Wes Bilney and Logan Dennis and for Cougars it was Levi Konitzka, Henry Nelligan and Brady Tosold.