Paech cousins get together in Port Lincoln

The Hotel Boston recently hosted a major family get together as the Paech family cousins’ reunion was held on July 19.

The quarterly get together sees the grandchildren of Alfred and Matilda Paech get together with their families share lunch and enjoy family bonds.

This seventh reunion saw 22 family members get together at the Hotel Boston for a luncheon.

Family photos were also brought along including a photo of Mr and Mrs Paech’s golden wedding anniversary in 1952 alongside 10 of their children.

Margot Montgomerie, who travelled from Port Pirie for the event, said she instigated the reunions back in 2015 following the death of her mother.

“I started this because my mum was one of 13, she’s passed now, and I thought how great would it be to see all (Paech) children coming together,” she said.

Ms Montgomerie said the reunions were planned at times when the family could get as many members as possible together at one time and have been held in many different places, although the majority have been held at the Hotel Boston.

Also travelling from abroad was Yvone O’Dea from Orroroo while the remaining members all live in areas on Eyre Peninsula including Port Lincoln, Cummins, Karkoo and Coffin Bay.

Ms Montgomerie said the next reunion was planned for October.