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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Bridge idea revisited

In response to a recent letter to the editor re my father's suggestion of many years ago, of a construction of a bridge from south of North Shields ( eg Poonidie or Louth Bay) to the Port Lincoln silos.

We now see in The Advertiser as well as on TV the idea of a bridge from the mainland to Kangaroo Island and if this proposal is accepted, which in my opinion is a brilliant idea, then why can't we construct a bridge to the silos from either of the above  suggested places.

The grain trucks driving through the main thoroughfare are a danger as well as hazardous to the population and also to tourism.

The noise, damage to roads, and dropping of grain is disgusting, just to name a few issues.

The vision put forward by my father Hugh Archibald Patterson is now a very long overdue brilliant idea.

If not a bridge what about a tunnel, or chunnel?

In closing I would like to say the Port Lincoln population would be in agreement to this grand idea.


Port Lincoln

Value not disrespect

Each of us in today's society are regularly presented with a range of opportunities to make a decision about what we wish to do, where we want to be, how we want to act and who we wish to associate with.

These choices are a hallmark of a free and independent society, which we all value and will ultimately protect our right of having the opportunity to take up different options, whilst still respecting the rights of others.

We make these considered selections with a knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the conditions and expectations which result from the preference we have decided upon.

Today it seems, that some individuals, after making a well considered decision, believe that it is their right to question the function, standards, values and methods of operation of the interest or undertaking they have chosen to pursue, and also to propose modifications and changes to suit their perceived needs, with little or no consideration for others.

Rather than realise the choice they made was erroneous and withdraw from it, some believe that it is those who they joined, who are the ones that should make changes to their beliefs, responsibilities and actions, even though they are well publicised, long standing and well understood.

Migration, the movement of people to a new area or country in order to find work or better living conditions, is a choice which is available to members of different societies to allow these two commendable virtues to be accessible to accommodate and meet their individual needs.

Unfortunately, some immigrants, after their arrival and settlement, are reluctant to respect the values and norms of their adopted country and are quite strident in raising objections and voicing their dislike towards the ways in which Australians live and conduct themselves.

To speak against or in protest to this desire to break down our western way of life, is to be labeled as being racist, by the politically correct, in a veiled attempt to force a raft of their changes on our free and independent society, which has operated successfully for centuries.

As a society grows and develops, required changes are made and new ways are included, without the need to totally change our values, ideals and standards.

Australia is willing to accommodate the needs and desires of others, it is time for others to respect and value ours.