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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Rate cap confusion 

I read with some perplexity that the Lower Eyre and Port Lincoln councils have issued their position to oppose the state government's proposed plan to cap local council rates.

My confusion is regarding the Lower Eyre council's decision as, given their recent rate increase of over 6.5 per cent (three times the raw inflation rate), surely they have already planned for the rate cap!

If this is not the case there must be something else prodding the council into declaring such an exorbitant increase and burden on its reason for being; long suffering ratepayers.



Proud of regional commitment

As the new managing director of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, I want to restate my commitment to the wider Eyre Peninsula community and our customers. 

I was born and raised in regional Australia and feel most at home when in my community. 

I’ve always respected how endearing, hardworking, honest, innovative and selfless regional Australians are. 

It is from direct experience that I understand the great things regional and rural people do for Australia. 

Australia’s regions contribute more than their fair share: 30 per cent of Australia’s GDP; some of highest quality food and resources to the world; 61 percent of our globally traded goods; many of our iconic tourist attractions which see 43 percent of the tourism dollar spent with a regional business; and one-third of the 415,000 jobs created nationally last year were in regional Australia. 

Regional Australia is our bank’s heartland and putting the interests of our customers first is central to our strategy, and to the success of every stakeholder engaged with our business. 

With much of the Eyre Peninsula facing ongoing dry conditions, we believe our local investment remains important. 

We’re immensely proud to be the only bank headquartered outside of an Australian capital city; operating from our Bendigo head office for 160 years. 

This year, we also celebrate 20 years since the opening of the first Community Bank branch and in that time we’re proud to have returned over $200 million in profits to communities through our unique banking model. 

It is our customers who are contributing to profits that are then invested back into local communities. Our 322 locally-operated Community Bank branches provide a valuable community revenue and employment stream. 

Last year, they employed more than 1500 people and returned more than $5.5 million in shareholder dividends. 

We back regional Australia in other ways too. 

Our partnership with the National Centre for Farmer Health, for example, ensures essential support to the health and wellbeing of Australian farmers and their communities. 

We also invest in over 70 community and agricultural group initiatives across the country. 

I will ensure we continue to support the amazing individuals that live, work and play in regional Australia and welcome any feedback on how we can further support the ongoing prosperity of you and your community. The backbone of our nation. 


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank managing director