Day for veterans

Eastern Ranges 21-16 (142) def Ports 2-4 (16)

If Kane ‘Daylight Savings’ Schubert winds back the clock any further he is going to have to buy a DeLorean.

Channeling yesteryear the veteran delivered a highlights reel that Betts and Daicos would have been proud of, the best of them a gold medal tumbler from the boundary line that took more breaks than an alpine skier.

It was also a good confidence building day for the Ranges’ younger brigade. 

Caleb Evans went to another level, he was equally damaging when providing a wide running option or negotiating traffic.

Dustin Harris kept the statisticians busy as he found time and space on his wing to use the ball effectively finding forward options inside 50.

And Rhett Schumann made his A grade debut gathering several possessions from limited game time.

As the temperature dropped the stalactite forming on the end of my running nose grew exponentially, much like the margin - by three quarter time Ranges led Ports by 102 points

Then as the final quarter limped to an inevitable end Michael Noble bobbed up at full-forward, turned a string of hapless defenders inside out (twice), and snapped two of the most unlikeliest of goals for a memorable finish.

It really was a day for the veterans, with Ports dual goalscorers, James Llewelyn and Wade Ramsey celebrating a combined 31,206 days on planet earth.

Best for Ranges were Ethan Kwaterski, Jared Siviour (who gave away inches in an unfamiliar ruck role that he played pretty much single handedly for most of the day), Bobby Bruce, Logan Elliott and Caleb Evans.

For Ports, it was Brad Masters, Ashley Masters, Ben Lienert and Nathan Hannemann.

In the end the B grade never happened. 

Somebody had glued down the valve caps on Peter Rehns’ gopher; and the tyres were flat.

Unable to take up his spot in a forward pocket he was a late withdrawal.

Brian Stringer, Don ‘Lofty’ Hauschild, Barry ‘Bazz’ Hartwig, Sid ‘The Squid’ and Ed Hunt then all went out in protest and the game was abandoned.

On a trying day, the senior colts was never going to be a skilful contest.

But it was indeed a contest. 

Players from both sides should be proud of their efforts to maintain concentration and play the game on its merits.

Balls were going to get blown out on the full, dropped marks, errant kicks and unreliable bounces would be the days staple. 

Ranges held sway by 11 points at three quarter which was a handy lead given the conditions.

However, Ports’ playmakers Jake Bammann, Seth Hutchins, Tom Lass and Jake Turner ratcheted it up a notch forcing play to the attacking side of the ground and it paid dividends with Ports snatching victory on the back of a late goal to Seth Hutchins.

Final score was left at Ports 5-6 and Ranges 5-3.

Best for Ports were the aforementioned playmakers and for Ranges, Riley Evans, Jack Grosser and Tim Hannemann led the way.

This story Day for veterans first appeared on Eyre Peninsula Tribune.