Final siren saving grace for the Saints

Final siren saving grace for the Saints

Great Flinders football

Eyre United 14-13 (97) def Lock 12-10 (82)

In a must win game for the Saints to keep their season alive, they had the luxury of kicking with a slight wind advantage in the first quarter.

They used the wind well booting the first five goals with Kym Sumner kicking three of the goals himself.

The Lock boys continued their hard work. 

The Roos could have had a few more on the board if it was not for the rock-solid defence from Jordan Telfer who continued to rebound the ball.

Ryan Siebert was one of their better players and finally got the Roos’ first major and then Kay booted a nice one just before the break.

Lock started the second quarter well and did not take long to get their first goal.

Siebert and Mortonwere  getting plenty of the ball and it was causing the Saints to make some poor decisions resulting in goals for Lock.

The Roos could have had a few more on the board if it was not for the rock-solid defence from Jordan Telfer who continued to rebound the ball.

As Traeger and Neal began to get more involved, the third quarter belonged to the Saints who kicked seven goals to one, and Scott Young booting three of his five goals in the quarter.

The Saints looked like they were going to win the game comfortably, even with a quarter to go.

Saxon Kay kicked his third for the match and started the Roos’ run.

Not only was Siebert putting pressure on the score board kicking two in the last, his work around the ground was also impressive.

Lock were rolling along nicely toward the finish line and the Saints simply had no answers but were saved by the final siren.

With Lock kicking six goals to none in the final quarter, the Saints got away with a 15-point win.

United Yeelanna 11-16 (82) def Ramblers 6-7 (43) 

United Yeelanna came away with a tough 39-point win over Ramblers at Karkoo in very windy conditions.

The Eagles bounced out of the blocks early with Zac Glover providing his onballers with the first touch out of the centre and they ran riot pushing the ball forward.

Dan Havelberg grabbed some big pack marks and with the likes of Kade Dudek at his feet he managed to scramble a goal.

The Eagles were causing some headaches for the ever reliable Ramblers defence.

The Eagles faithful supporters were up and cheering.

Eagles were doing all the attacking and after Xavier Watson drifted forward into space and kicked truly they had a six goal lead in the blink of an eye.

Eagles were well on top at the break 6-3 to Ramblers 0-3.

Ramblers made many changes and looked a different side. Veteran George Pedler and Ben Quigley along with Tysan Mickan started to find plenty of the ball and curb the usually dominant midfield of the Eagles.

The game was being played at a fierce pace with both sides hitting in hard and the tackling was first class.

Ramblers kicked two classy goals and in the blink of an eye young gun Ethan Langley kicked a brilliant rovers goal off the pack.

Ramblers were right back in the game at halftime.

The strong breeze made field play and goal kicking hard and Eagles and Ramblers both missed easy goals.

Eagles wing men in Aaron Watson and Brayden Martin both kicked classy goals but their teammates sprayed the footy all over the place.

Ramblers’ young guns, Jake Skinner and Jordy Darling both found plenty of the football and, along with Wade Starke, held back many of the Eagles attacks.

Eagles’ backlines player Jaxen Norton was dominating the air, along with Sam Glover and Lenard Lawrie, continually holding up Ramblers’ attack.

Veteran Luke Rowe will be better for the run and he will be important for them going into the finals.

Langley got two classy goals and looks like going to higher places with his football.

In the end Eagles were too classy for Ramblers in a solid win.

Eagles best: Jaxen Norton, Sam Glover, Michael Crettenden, Aaron Watson, Zac Glover.

Ramblers best: George Pedler, Jake Skinner, Tysan Mickan, Wade Starke.

Times scribe votes: Jaxen Norton (3), George Pedler (2), and Sam Glover (1).